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Best 10 places to get married in Las Vegas


Getting married is probably one of the most important and beautiful things you can do in your life. Have you ever considered getting married in Las Vegas? If so, learn about 10 most exciting places where you can do it.

Las Vegas is one of the most popular city when it comes to unforgettable weddings. The possibilities to get married in Las Vegas are really unprecedented. People from around the whole world come to LV to give the yes-word here.

Choose one of the chapels

Is getting married in Las Vegas just something for Hollywood movies? No, every bride and groom can pronounce the yes-word in a wedding chapel on The Strip! Shop your outfits in one of the countless bridal fashion shops and let Elvis accompany you. Las Vegas has 50 wedding chapels, in all shapes and sizes. Most of them are located on Las Vegas Boulevard: The Strip. And what if you can’t take your wedding guests with you? No problem. In Las Vegas, a live stream is available in almost every wedding chapel! If you want to make the wedding more exciting, then choose a theme. Let a person imitating Lady Gaga complete your wedding ceremony. If you want to look original, you can also rent a beautiful theme costume seeming precisely like Superman and Lois Lane.


Las Vegas Helicopter Weddings

If you are looking for something really special, get married in the helicopter or choose to land in the Grand Canyon for the yes-word. When you choose to land there you will have to do the official performance in Nevada because the Grand Canyon is not in Nevada but in Arizona. Highly recommended for those who want strong emotions! Say the most important YES of your life in the clouds and live an unforgettable experience aboard a helicopter. In this ceremony, you will have to bring a limited number of guests, or officially marry aground and make your promise of marriage during a flight.

Under the famous Las Vegas Sign

Las Vegas is well-known, of course, for the famous “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” Sign! You will certainly not be the first to marry there. But you will have a nice view of the Strip while standing there.

Red Rock Country Club

Hold your outdoor wedding in this exclusive place awarded by the WeddingWire’s Brides Choice Award (2009-2012), and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Nevada desert as the setting for your wedding. Take advantage of your honeymoon to enjoy the wide range of activities offered in the region.

In Death Valley

If your heart does not get knocked out of Red Rock Canyon fast enough, it might be an idea for you to take the limousine to Death Valley: one of the hottest places on earth. Take enough water and think of airy wedding clothes!

Get married inside of the car

America is the land of nice and big cars. The best-known car brands are General Motors, Ford Motor Company and Chrysler. Choose your own car that takes you to the drive-through chapel and get married during your ride! It is certainly not mandatory to choose a car in the drive-through, everything that drives is allowed. Think, for example, of roller skates, a skateboard or maybe you prefer to sit on a bicycle?

On the top of the roof

On the roof seems a pretty normal location in Las Vegas, but there are really amazing places waiting for you. There are so many rooftops to choose from, that it is a difficult choice. But one thing is certain about this idea. Wonderful views.

In Red Rock Canyon

If you are more of the rugged environment, choose Red Rock Canyon. Less than half an hour from Las Vegas lies the beautiful Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. A unique scenery that makes many a couple jealous of your wedding photos.

In a calm place

In Las Vegas, there is also the possibility to get married outside the crowds. If you do not feel like whistling and congratulations, choose a wedding venue afterwards. Give your imagination free rein. What do you think of getting married under a fountain near a quiet swimming pool?

Why you should get married in Las Vegas?

It is associated with freedom, fun, and the desert. You can enjoy numerous exciting activities here. You can even smoke weed in Vegas during your wedding ceremony! If your biggest dream is getting married in Las Vegas, take advantage of 10 places recommended above. There are, of course, even more, unique locations to get married in Las Vegas. When you decide to take the final step to do it, please contact one of the many wedding planners in Las Vegas who know exactly how to approach and can make your day extra special.