BenQ launches new EX2780Q gaming monitor featuring advanced display and audio tech

BenQ has announced the launch of its new 27-inch QHD gaming monitor which it claims will rewrite the rules of the game altogether. Towards that the new EX2780Q comes equipped with advanced features such as HDRi tech coupled with intelligent visual optimization and 2.1 channel Hi-Fi audio to allow for a truly rich and engaging gaming experience.

The monitor also boasts of 144 Hz refresh rate which ensure there is no screen stutter whatsoever. Other qualities of the display include FreeSync, Black eQualizer, Color Vibrance all of which aid in no small measure to the immersive gaming experience that it provides for.

Elaborating further, BenQ said its HDRi tech ensures the perfect combination of intelligent brightness control, colour saturation or balance optimization and proprietary HDR image techniques to ensure you get to see images of just the right contrast and clarity.

The HDRi tech also ensures you are able to pick up your enemies even if they are hiding in the darkest corners or are trying to blend into the surroundings. Similarly, bright areas are balanced to ensure those aren’t washed out either. There also are three pre-set modes – Game HDRi, Cinema HDRi, and Display HDR – that you can use to suit your preferences as per different gaming environment.

Mention must also be made of the true to life audio output the new monitor is capable of thanks to its integration of 2.1 channel speaker system. This is brought about by the integration of 5W sub-woofer which also is a first for any gaming monitor. BenQ attributed the exceptional audio quality of the monitor to its treVolo audio team. The monitor boasts of five sound modes Game, Cinema, Pop/Live, Dialog/Vocal, and Rock/Party to suit various scenarios.

The new BenQ EX2780Q gaming monitor can be ordered from Amazon where it is listed for INR 36,990.


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