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Benefits of Billboard Advertising


Billboards are everywhere. They’re an unavoidable part of most daily commutes, and for this reason, billboard advertising an incredible marketing tool. Billboards are perfect for increasing brand awareness, which is why you often see ‘big names’ out there. But this doesn’t always mean it’s just for the big brands! It can be useful for just about any company wanting to get their name out there and gain a heap of exposure at a massive level.

If you’re still unsure, why not check out some of the key benefits below.

  1. People see them

From your commute to public transport to sometimes a walk around the block, you will inevitably see a billboard. These billboards have been strategically located in prime positions of high dwell time (traffic lights) and busy roads (lots of people) meaning you get maximum exposure for a fraction of the cost of a T.V. commercial. Basically, you’re guaranteed an audience. Billboards are huge, eye-catching, and brightly lit, meaning people are forced to look at it, allowing your advertisement to capture a wide and diverse audience. You can even pinpoint exactly where you put your creativity on particular billboards throughout town to attract the right audience, or you want to follow your audience around the city by placing your ads where they will be.

  1. Advertise more than one message

Putting your ads on rotation will provide your audience greater interest and intrigue, as they won’t get ‘bored’ of your ad. This is especially important if they are driving past every day. This freshness keeps your audience engaged and improves business or call-to-action (CTA) recall. Billboards offer the luxury of advertising more aspects of your company, product, or service in the same location and still target the same audience.

  1. Billboards deliver results

Billboard advertising is a great alternative to expensive T.V. Commercials to reach a wide array of audiences. This means your return on investment (ROI) will be way better, and you will achieve your results at a cheaper rate. In the day and age of predominantly visual information sharing, billboards are an easy way to turn your audience into customers. With a 47% effectiveness rate for brand awareness and 74% of Kiwis saying “they have seen a billboard today”, you can be sure that billboard advertising is a quick-fire way to connect with your audience.

  1. They’re always on

In comparison to T.V. commercials or radio, where your ad is played on a ‘pay-by placement’ or ‘play-per-day’, your ad is up 24/7 and only has a share of voice with up to eight other advertisers at the most. Always on billboards gives your audience repeated exposure to improve recall capability. Static billboards (traditional and printed) are up for up to a month, or more, and are simply are not removed because it is costly. Digital billboards are bright, bold, and attention-grabbing no matter the time of day. This is excellent even for a shorter campaign, whether it’s one week, or two months, billboards are set to be advantageous and is a better means of utilising your marketing budget.

  1. Interesting design and capabilities

Billboards let your company get creative with design and placement, and your overall marketing strategy. As long as your message and design displayed is a message that your audience can grab immediately, the success of your mass exposure comes naturally. Your digital billboards can sometimes only have as little as four seconds to get messages across, so take the audience on a ride and tell them a story. This will generate emotional engagement and strengthen that recall.

For example, in 2017 Netflix took over some entertaining ad spaces across L.A. and New York City saying “Netflix is a joke”. About a week later, their brand new “Comedy” section was introduced, from stand-ups to comedy specials.

The benefits of billboard advertising are endless and are a great way to get your company and brand name out there. We would recommend using this as part of your marketing strategy for brand awareness and promote your company, service, or product.