Beautify Your Apple iPhone 8 or 8 Plus with Casetify Cases

Casetify provides some of the exceptional cases for Samsung’s flagship smartphones and our beloved Apple iPhones. You will also get some of the best customization you can get in iPhone cases. The quality of the cases is fantastic, and the print quality is the best and comes with the scratch resistant feature, so it will last longer than regular cases which you buy from other websites or store. Here we have three type of cases which you can buy from Casetify for your iPhone 8 to beautify or protect your iPhone, check them out.

Customizable Snap Case

The first case on our list is the highly customizable snap on case which comes with the clear design and most customization options which you can find anywhere. There are a bunch of tools on the website to customize this case as you desire and using the tools is also feels like the snap of a finger.

You can add collage to the back of the case by importing the pictures directly from your social media account like Instagram and Facebook, uploading from your computer is also an option. You can also select the type of case from the list and get the print on it. It can also be the best option to gift one of your friends or family members.

Say My Name Glitter Case

Okay! It feels a little weird but it’s absolutely not, this is the most attractive case in the world, everyone in your friends is going to ask you for that case. This case comes with a thin chamber at the rear which is filled with clear liquid and “Glitters.” Yes! This case comes with glitter filled rear panel which looks out of this world and amazing. And the feature that you can print your name on this case is “icing on the cake,” You can print a concise name or your nickname on it and make it shimmer in the light!

DTLA Impact Resistant Case

Now we come to the essential factor, iPhone 8 is gorgeous on its own because of its glossy glass back, but it is also delicate, so you have to protect it from daily accidents. To help you protect that shiny glass back, Casetify offers DTLA Impact Resistant case which protects the iPhone from shocks and accidental drops. It comes in four color variants; Sand, Maroon, Olive and Matte Black, they all look great on any iPhone you own, and while looking awesome, it will also protect your iPhone from accidents.

Wrapping up

Casetify is an excellent website which offers some of the best cases with out of this world customization which you can get. The print is also scratch resistant, so you don’t have to worry about getting it peeled off while inside your pocket. These cases come at a price range of $45 to $49, and extra is applicable according to the customization you want to add to it. So, if you recently became a proud owner of the iPhone 8 or 8 Plus then make sure to protect it with one of the Casetify cases.