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Bad Technical Glitches and Worse Customer Support, Yes! The Real Truth of Amazon Yureka Flash Sales

A couple of weeks ago, we had covered a news article on PC-Tablet related to the second flash sale of Yureka Plus on Amazon India. As part of the same, we subscribed for the sale three days prior just to see how well the Amazon India sale goes.

Fast-forwarding to July 30, 2015, we received an Email from Amazon at 10:11 am, which is two hours prior to the sale. The email titled “Yureka Plus Sale begins at 12 PM Today. Login Now” contained all the step-by-step information on how to make the final purchase.

Upon proceeding to a final checkout page, we consistently received an error message saying you have not registered for the sale and you should opt-in for the next sale. Upon clarifying this issue with customer care executive at Amazon, we were told by a customer care executive that it’s a technical issue at Amazon India’s website and many of the customers are facing the same problem.

We were requested by the customer care executive to try the entire procedure again after 15 minutes, which had the exact similar outcome as before. We again dialed the customer care number and spoke to another customer care executive for more than 30 minutes.


In that phone call conversation, Amazon customer care executive horribly argued with us and kept on with his nonsense, irrelevant and philosophical statements such as “This is not the end of your life.” He repeatedly kept blaming us for the problem occurred, and we were then told to make use of another web browser.

However, changing the web browser was no solution to our problem. Not just the web browser, we changed the entire system and still kept receiving the error message on final checkout page.

Upon questioning about this exact problem to Amazon care executive, we received responses such as “I don’t sit here to answer your questions”, “Who would you blame if you miss your flight/train?”, “You are not my interviewer”, “If you don’t disconnect this call, then I’ll do it” etc. And at the end of the call, instead of giving us at least one proper solution to our problem, Amazon customer care executive simply ran off, and we were forced to go for the next sale.

Fortunately, we have both the phone call recordings with us.

We believe Amazon India customer care executives need to be properly trained in the manner to how to talk to customers.

In the very beginning when this whole issue took place, Amazon customer care should have accepted the technical fault in their portal. Secondly, they should have provided the affected customer with some way to skip the queue and buy the phone directly as compensation for the inconvenience caused.

Listening to our problem and solving it conveniently would be a more appropriate solution rather than comparing it with irrelevant examples like missing the flight scenario.

The problem we encountered with may seem like a small issue, but it’s clearly observed that Amazon India doesn’t respect the value of customer’s time.

We also tried reaching Amazon spokesperson on this problem, however, we have not received any response from the company yet. We will update this article as soon as we hear any response from Amazon.