Around 2000 Kangaroos are going to be killed by Australia as informed by an official to reduce the population of the Kangaroos since the increase in the number of Kangaroos may cause an adverse impact on the environment.

The Kangaroos across the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) will be culled as per the announcement. The underlying reason behind this killing is to put control over the increasing population of Kangaroos in Australia.

As per ABC news, every evening the ten reserves across Australia will be kept closed so that killing can be done easily. It has been reported that 1901 Kangaroos are going to be killed.

Daniel Iglesias, who is the director of the Conservation and Parks, stated that it was very important to resist the number of grey kangaroos who are present in the ACT.

He said that it was known to everyone that an enormous increase in the population of the grey kangaroos may have a negative impact on the local area. It may also disturb the habitat of the healthy kangaroos. Hence, it was important to take this step.

Mr Iglesias further added that there might be chances of degradation and de-vegetation if the population of the kangaroos remains the same. Therefore, it is not about eradicating the population of kangaroos but it is about giving the healthier eastern grey kangaroos a sustainable environment to survive.

Another trial is already in process to control the people of the Kangaroos. Fertility drugs are used on the areas to test whether it works or not.

The process of culling will conclude till August 1 as per the reports.

In the past two years, around 4000 Kangaroos have been culled as per the rules of ACT. This year the number is 1900.