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August 21st Solar Eclipse Will Be Invisible To Indians; but will be Live on YouTube

Though the view of 21st August Total Solar Eclipse is exclusive to Americans only, people in India can also witness the rare celestial event on a YouTube channel, thanks to the initiative taken by Space India for live streaming the solar eclipse over the internet.

After almost 99 years, a rare total solar eclipse is going to cast its shadow on earth and on 21st August, 14 states from the United States will witness the darkness for around two minutes in the middle of the day. But unfortunately, for Indians; this rare celestial event will be invisible. But those curious and space enthusiast Indians, who want to enjoy the total solar eclipse live, can switch on to the YouTube Channel of Space India.

As officially confirmed, this once-in-a-century celestial event will be live streamed by Delhi-based Science Popularisation Association of Communicators and Educators from the United States. While announcing about the live streaming of the event, the company on Saturday confirmed the timeline of the show and other details. According to the company, the live streaming of the event will be conducted from the US-based Idaho.

Scientists will employ a 50 mm f/5 finder scope – a small supplementary telescope, stationed on an Astrotrac tracker, which is the main astronomical telescope for chasing the sun and its conceal. For the first time since 1918, it is happening that people will experience night time in the middle of the day and Space India doesn’t want Indians to miss the opportunity to see this rare event.

As confirmed by NASA, the total solar eclipse will start on 21st August at 1.15 pm EDT or 10.45 pm IST and will be climaxed at 2.49 pm EDT. As per the reports, during this period, the shadows will pass through the U.S. at more than 1,500 mph or 2,400 kph. While the residents of North America will witness a partial solar eclipse, people, living in Salem, Oregon, Charleston, and South Carolina will experience the total solar eclipse.

Apart from Space India, NASA also has developed a website for guiding the sky watchers to enjoy and experience this amazing celestial event. On the special website of NASA, interested individuals can keep a track on the events, activities, and broadcasts of the event easily.

Space India YouTube Channel to watch the rare Total Solar Eclipse Live.