Audio Technica ATH CLR100iS Budget Earphones Review

Audio Technica released a new series of earphones for the people who like lightweight earphones and comes with crisp sound. Here we have the Audio Technica Sound Fuel ATH CLR100iS from that series and it comes with a microphone and an inline remote control with one click button. Let’s see if these earphones are best for you without being heavy on your wallet.

Unboxing and design

Audio Technical Sonic Fuel Earphones 1

Audio Technica ATH-CLR100iS comes in a compact sealed plastic pack showcasing the buds and the inline mic and remote control. A small box on the bottom is to store the rest of the cable and the ear tips which comes with these earphones. The earphones we have to review is the blue color, and the ear tips are also blue tinted to give it an excellent match with the earphones.

The earbuds are designed to have the ear tips bent at and angle to make it a perfect fit in the ears. The earbuds are low profile, and it barely comes out of the ears and the fitting is perfect in the ears. Overall the design is better than the earphones with bullet design and there is no pain in ears if you use the right size ear tip.

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The earphones come with 8.5 mm dynamic drivers with maximum input power is 20 mW and 103 dB/mW sensitivity. The cable is 1.2 m and is Y-type which is connected to a 3.5mm stereo mini-plug. The inline remote control comes with a microphone too for calls which is an omnidirectional microphone.


Audio Technica CLR100iS comes with 8.5 mm rivers to provide crystal-clear sound with depth and detail. Inline remote control is available to control music and accept calls with microphone for calling function. Three pairs of silicone air tips are packed to provide perfect fit and comfortable enough for long time wearing and sound isolation. Available is five colors to choose from; black, white, blue, lime green and pink.


Audio Technica CLR100iS is very comfortable to wear, and the design makes it more comfortable as only the ear tips fit in the ears not the buds. The sound quality is crisp and crystal clear, the high and mids are super clear. There is some bass which I felt but it’s not that high, and that’s also with the help of some equalizer in the smartphone. No wonder that PCMAG listed it as the best overall headphones 2015 and 2016. The microphone is also clear while taking calls and sending voice commands to the device.

Audio Technical Sonic Fuel Earphones 4


  • Crisp sound quality
  • Lightweight
  • In-line remote control with mic


  • Poor build quality


The Audio Technica CLR100iS is the decent earphones when it comes to sound quality, but if you are a real bass fan, then these earphones is not for you. The build quality of the whole earphones is not up to the mark, the wire is long but feels like it couldn’t take much strain, and the remote control is also a cheap plastic build. You can buy this earphone on Amazon at a price tag of Rs. 1,199 which is a great deal if you ignore the build quality.

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