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Ather Energy partners with Bharat FIH for parts manufacturing

Ather Energy announced it has tied up with Bharat FIH, a Foxconn Technology Group company, for the manufacture of parts to ease pressure on its own plants. The parts and other components go into the making of the Ather range of electric scooters. The move to outsource parts manufacturing to Bharat FIH is seen as a means to meet growing demand for the Ather range of e-scooters.

Ather said they are focusing on creating an ecosystem of local suppliers who would be manufacturing the parts. This has enabled them to be able to source 99 percent of the components of its e-scooters from domestic suppliers. However, the company said they have been working hard to ensure the right vendors are chosen to ensure strict compliance with quality standards.

The company also announced they are scaling up operations of its Hosur plant to meet growing demand. The company said they have increased the capacity of its plant in Hosur from the present 120,000 to 140,000 units of e-scooters annually. The company had acquired more land for the same though the greater focus is on reaching a production milestone of a million units per annum within the next three years. The company also plans to set up 5000 fast chargers within that time across different parts of the country. Apart from this, the company is also focussing on developing new products while increasing its network of stores from the present 30 to around 600 within the next few years.

As for Bharat BIH, they have a diverse range of services on offer which includes the Printed Circuit Board or PCB Assemblies for Battery Management Systems. This apart, it also offers the Dashboard Assembly, Peripheral Controlling Units, and Drive Control Modules as well. The production process of the components for Ather scooters have already started at Bharat FIH which is being done on a turn-key basis. Bharat BIH will also be responsible for the supply chain logistics and raw material procurement for the manufacturing of the parts for Ather e-scooters.