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Artificial Intelligence: The future of the online gaming industry?

Set deposit limits at the time of registration, a reward system, encourage responsible gambling, or receive personalized promotions for each user. These and other functions can be carried out by online casinos like these thanks to artificial intelligence. The arrival of new online casinos, new developers, and technological advances in existing ones will bring several improvements in the short term in the online casino sector.

What changes will artificial intelligence bring to online casinos?

Artificial intelligence has been a resource that the gaming world has usually resorted to in order to imprint complexity on the games of chance and to offer resistance to the player’s strength in his goal of winning money. But such is the competition that operators have to face nowadays, that they are forced to use artificial intelligence to modify more aspects of the game, beyond the level of difficulty of the game.

Prizes and personalized promotions

One of the uses of artificial intelligence today looks to the player and their tastes and preferences to customize promotions. Thanks to the knowledge you have of each client, you can reward them with free spins on their favorite games, give them the ability to redeem their accumulated loyalty points for gifts, offer them the kind of promotions they are most attracted to, or create a personalized game menu based on their gaming experience.

Increased data protection and improved privacy systems

User verification processes, which often include multiple messages between the user and the customer service department, can be improved with more secure, agile, and reliable processes. The mere verification of an ID card can reduce waiting times to a few minutes, taking into account the time that passes from the moment the player sends his ID data until it is verified. Having a fast process that allows the player to use his account in a few minutes can translate into the success or failure of an online casino when it comes to recruiting new players.

Improved customer service

Not only virtual reality and augmented reality have brought improvements in the user experience, as artificial intelligence has also been applied to customer service and has evolved from customer service bots to a kind of intelligent concierge, who has more specialized knowledge and offers quick and concrete solutions and answers. Having a fast, efficient, and as far as possible, automated customer service can mark the degree of success of an online casino.

Promoting responsible gambling

Beyond the gaming experience and facilitating any operational procedures, artificial intelligence has also found application in the promotion of responsible gaming, with software platforms that identify possible cases of gaming addiction through the analysis of the behaviour of players on the website in question.

What can we expect from artificial intelligence in the short term?

The biggest challenge that game developers will have to face is to incorporate latent benefits of artificial intelligence into gameplay, whether in slots, card games or roulette. Offering additional prizes for carrying out a certain bet, for activating a device or function. In addition, the incorporation of games that are increasingly developed graphically will provide greater artificial intelligence in the competition between user and machine. And there has always resided a constant struggle of the human to defeat the machine.


Artificial intelligence is an increasingly present and useful tool in our daily lives. It is a tool that automates processes and analyzes huge amounts of data in a reduced time and with incredible precision through learning algorithms

The crucial factor for correct and accurate results of artificial intelligence is data, i.e. the data provided for its development must be adequate and accurate, and any inaccuracies will be reflected in the final results.

The relationship with online casino games is direct, as online gaming is developed through data and algorithms.

AI is applied to more and more fields and will continue to do so. Why? As we know, all industries have moved to the digital world, for example, two decades ago, there were only physical casinos and you couldn’t play online from your home. Today, the vast majority of players play from anywhere with their smartphone.

That is why little by little, in order to give a better quality service and improve the reliability and security of the industry.

In fact, frankly, Artificial Intelligence is already part of the Online Game. When we have a query and we open a live chat to contact the Customer Service Department of an online casino, sometimes, not always, we are answered by a bot that depending on our answers will give us various information that can solve our question. If you are unable to do so, we may ask for the help of a support worker to provide you with a more specific service.

In which branches could AI be applied in the online game?

Mainly it can help to protect the user by improving the privacy and data protection systems.

The application of Artificial Intelligence to the verification system would optimize this long process and strengthen the protection tools of the online gaming industry. Overall, it would result in a better and more reliable service.

Online casinos adapt quickly to the needs of the players and manage to form a lively and innovative industry. That’s why it’s only a matter of time before Artificial Intelligence becomes one more tool to improve and optimize the services of casino games. This ensures a continuously growing industry that mainly benefits the users by guaranteeing greater security, privacy, and protection.

Reasons against

Although applying this technology to online gambling is all about winning, implementing it, since Artificial Intelligence is a very specific technology, that is, you cannot use a general tool for all the casino functions, but you need a special system for each function.

The same intelligent tool cannot take care of a chat with clients and the verification process, but you have to create a specific one for each function. This is a great difficulty in the development and application of Artificial Intelligence to online casinos.

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