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Artificial Intelligence taking the big leap in the gaming industry

The gaming industry has grown significantly and is expected to be more than $115 billion by the end of 2018. The number looks further encouraging with it expected to reach $138.5 billion in 2021, as per the recent report shared by Statista. This has risen the hopes of developers who are all set to embrace the latest technologies and innovations. In fact, the gaming industry has paved the way for other industries as well, like the virtual reality. What’s one of the biggest trends in the gaming world today is Artificial Intelligence.

The gaming industry is growing for sure whether it is to play rummy online, the popular Indian game, scratch heads over Scrabble or just have fun with Ludo. But how is this industry responding to the different technological disruptions like Artificial Intelligence and what does the future look like? Let’s take a look.

Technology in Gaming

It is impossible to remove technology when we talk about the growth in gaming. There are different aspects of technology that together contribute to the growth of the gaming sector. However, one area that requires significant mention is connectivity. The ease with which we can connect to anyone at any time is commendable. There has been a fundamental change in the way people think and experience games today. Consumers are aware of the opportunities around them and how it has led to having greater expectations as well.

Information is today available at all places and this has lowered the barrier in not only gaming but different domains. Artificial Intelligence is a great example to see how the gaming industry is changing and evolving around us.

Biggest Trend Setters in Gaming

There are many social drivers that have changed the gaming landscape significantly. Gaming has today become increasingly social and connects people from all over the world than ways that are beyond, ‘just having fun’. Yes, fun is an important element, but getting the maximum value out of the game is also equally important. There are cash games online and consumers want to learn how to play to play rummy online real money or teen patti to win these big bucks. They are having fun, but they are also focused on getting the maximum from the time they have invested in the game.

A continuous growth is also expected in eSports as a form of social event and more and more consumers are indulging in the game form.

Striking balance in Artificial Intelligence

Maintaining balance when it comes to artificial intelligence is important and requires a coordinated effort. The big giants in the field are taking this quite seriously and proposed some governing principles like GDPR to streamline things. The effort has to be made on every level, right from the collection of data to development and even the model training. Decisions are getting made at every step and they also need to be managed at every step.

The Big Changes that we expect to see

Things are expected to change significantly over the next five years. What we can expect is a furthermore engaged and immersive gaming experience. This would mainly be due to the non-player characters that are controlled by the game’s Artificial Intelligence, rather than by other gamers. This automatically creates better game balance control.

AI systems are now used to create natural looking scenery and landscapes along with the popular in-game avatars and the other characters that have human-like characteristics. These human-like avatars interact with players and help the game to constantly evolve and change the user experiences. The gaming industry is all set to offer a completely diverse play zone that is filled with lifelike creatures. These Artificial Intelligence characters develop throughout the game and are still showing signs of learning with the capacity to develop their own personalities.

What AI is clearly doing is keeping customers engaged, challenged and coming back for more. The biggest example of this is chatbots. It is available round the clock to players and is there when they need assistance or guidance with any aspect of gameplay or customer support. These chatbots offer the first line of assistance for these companies and they’re at the same time engaging with the gamers as well. This is a very important thing, especially for free online games.

Personalizing the game

AI in video games is further used to increase the personalization of gameplay. What is working out is the use of big data along with machine learning by game creators, helping get more insight on how player learn to play, what are their specific preferences and interests and how they really want the game to be for them. The AI enhanced systems help video games adjust to the skill levels of the players on the go. They are able to collect data on players and understand their preferred style of play to improve the game reactive power.

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