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Arrow Launches 6 New Refreshing Rocker and Melody Series Neckbands

Gadgets and Accessories brand, Arrow has announced the launch of six new neckband earphones under the Rocker and Melody Series. The new neckbands boast a lightweight body with a stylish design and ultra-flexible cables that help users wear them all day long — be it indoors during workouts, outdoor runs, during daily commutes, or on long road trips.

Presenting Arrow’s latest neckband earphones under the Rocker and Melody Series — the Rocker 04, Rocker 05, Rocker 06 and Rocker 07, and the Melody 01 and Melody 02. The new neckbands are crafted with a unique and ergonomic lightweight design to ensure extreme comfort when worn for long hours. Additionally, ultra-flexible cables are provided to help prevent any inconvenience or hindrance to the user while wearing. Built using soft skin-friendly silicone, the ear tips help create a snug and comfortable grip inside the ear canal that also helps with noise isolation.

Using the latest Bluetooth V5.0 technology, both the Rocker and Melody Series offer dual pairing options, which is the most important feature that will benefit most of the customers. You can simultaneously pair the neckbands with both your smartphones and your laptop or tablet and instantly switch between the two whenever you need. The neckband offers connections up to 10 metres from the paired device without any distortion in audio or disconnections in BT signals.

The Rocker and Melody Series are also built for perfect audio listening and superior voice calling. Featuring large 10mm drivers and an HD in-line microphone, one can enjoy great audio clarity like never before during voice and video calls. Lastly, the neckband also features support for voice assistants, with the touch of a button users can simply speak to Google Assistant or Siri.

Longer Battery life is also a requirement for those who use audio wearables throughout the day. Now be it casual speaking to your friends and family, or using it for back-to-back business calls during those stressful outdoor commutes, the Rocker and Melody Series will never let you down. The neckbands can offer up to 16 hours of playback, up to 72 hours of standby, and can be charged to 100% within 1.5 hours.

The Rocker and Melody neckband earphones will be available in some classy color combinations that will suit your style and mood.

Arrow Battery Battery life Colour options Price
Rocker 04 280mAh 16 Hours Black Gold INR – 1,299
Rocker 05 200mAh 12 Hours Black, Gold INR – 1,299
Rocker 06 200mAh 12 Hours Navy Blue, Gold, Teal Green INR – 1,299
Rocker 07 280mAh 16 Hours Black INR – 1,299
Melody 01 280mAh 16 Hours Black, Red, Blue INR – 1,249
Melody 02 200mAh 12 Hours Yellow, Red, Blue INR – 1,249

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