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Are web push notifications still effective for business in 2021?

Are you pondering over whether web push notifications are still effective for businesses? Are you looking to find how web notifications are an effective marketing strategy? Marketing techniques like web push notifications show extreme potential to engage users with their products.

Web push notifications are messages that a website sends to a customer who chooses to get them. A web push code Javascript code installed on the website enables the action. These are sent to desktop or mobile while browsing data online. The appearance differs on desktops and phones. While on PCs, web push notifications generally greet users on the corner of the screen. On smartphones like app-push notifications, these slide down on the drop-down menu. If you are looking to add web-push notifications to your website, you can find more on this link – Web Push Notifications.

In the era of digital marketing, web push notifications have opened the doors for businesses to a newer set of opportunities and potential growth areas to explore. Web notifications have helped businesses to attain a broader user base and better results. Here’s a glance at the benefits of web-push notifications and the alternatives they bring about to traditional marketing strategies:

  1. Better than email marketing: Web push notifications provide a quicker and more effective alternative to email notifications. It is also easier for users to opt for web push notifications instead of signing up for email newsletters. Email marketing can get complex and hectic for the maintenance team if there exists a long contact list.
  2. Effective for business-to-business marketing: Web push notifications are effective for business-to-business marketing. Since they are displayed on desktops, via the web, apart from mobile phones, web push notifications have increased visibility. These notifications can reach their target audience even while they are working through their desktops.
  3. Not limited to online activity: Web push notifications reach their opted-in users even if they are not active on that particular website at that exact time. These notifications get automatically generated on the opted-in user’s desktop as long as the user is actively using that web browser.
  4. Not limited to app users: Web push notifications are a great medium to reach out to those users and target audiences who haven’t downloaded any mobile application. As of now, most users access websites and require information through desktops and web browsers. A relatively small section of users uses dedicated mobile applications. You can head over to this link to know more on how to add push notifications for your mobile app – Mobile Push Notifications.
  5. Users have greater control: Email notifications are not so user-friendly when gaining control over them. You might keep moving them to spam, but you will have a lesser hold if the organization sells the email to another organization. On the other hand, any user can always choose to subscribe or unsubscribe a push notification whenever they want. Hence, web push notifications have greater acceptance.
  6. Higher click-rate and greater visibility: Statistics show that web push notifications have a higher click rate than email notifications. While emails have a click rate of 1% to 3%, push notifications to have a click rate of 5% to 30%. They even have a higher percentage of visibility, with 45% to 90% of users at least viewing the notifications than only 15% to 30% of them opening an email.
  7. Attracts actions with offers and incentives: In the web push notification itself, users can find various coupons and discount codes that attract them to participate in the sale.
  8. Low cost: As compared to email and SMS marketing, web push notifications are relatively cheaper. It makes them the best choice for small and up-and-coming businesses.
  9. No personal data required: The web push notifications differ from pop-up notifications that need email addresses to share promotional offers, etc. A single click can enable web push notifications without the hassle of providing the user’s personal contact information.
  10. Quick real-time information: Web push notifications provide instant bundles of information to the user as soon as they are permitted from the back end. It lets the customer have a real-time hold on communication.
  11. No requirement of any app: Web push notifications do not require apps to function that save a considerable amount of time, money, and energy. A good amount of businesses, be it small, medium, or large scale, a website still holds more value than simply an individual mobile application. It offers increased visibility as people can easily search it up on the internet or even social media.
  12. Wider reach: Web notifications have massive scope as compared to any other medium. As of now, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari own 75% of the market share. That means that a web notification has the potential of reaching more than a billion users.

Let us look at some of the factors and metrics to judge the success of any push notification.

  1. Opt-in rate: Opt-in rate is a count of the user/subscriber base of the push notifications. Ideally, any business owner or head would like to create a broad user base for its business. Hence, the opt-in rate is an important performance metric that is an essential factor to check.
  2. Conversion rate: Conversion rate is the percentage of users/people who execute the task or action specified by that particular push notification. The desired task can be anything, ranging from the purchase of a product to a subscription to any specific application or medium. A high conversion rate indicates greater visibility and increased user attention.
  3. Click rate: The click rate of a web push notification is a rate that gives a relation between the number of users who have clicked the particular web push notification and the total number of users who have received it. Click-rates are integral in analyzing the number of people interested in the business and how engaging the content is.

A well-designed and calculated web push notification can help boost business growth by increasing user base, conversion rates, and redesigning campaigns more effectively than other marketing methods. In the current business scenario and the modern digital marketing world, web push notifications are very effective and have better potential than other marketing modes. Hence, to answer the question that dictates this article – Yes, web push notifications are still effective for business in 2021.

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