San Francisco  Developers strongly feel that it will get a lot of new apps in the coming months, especially in the areas of messaging and health. Apple Watch is yet to hit the market, but its popularity has already touched new heights. Recently a few developers tried their hands on the newest product of Apple and found it quite fascinating.

Where does this road lead

These developers were asked to use the software simulators of Apple Watch for the one last time before it hits the market. They discovered quite a few possibilities that could be materialized in the near future.

Ross Cohen, CEO,, stated that he came to know on Friday for the first time that Apple Watch could automatically switch on and off as the wrist was raised or lowered. Cohen’s company makes the caller ID application for Apple Watch.

The simulator didn’t have the microphone, which left some developers confused as how well it could listen to voice commands. According to Danielle Keita-Taguchi, Marketing Analyst, Y Media Labs, Apple Watch will boost the speed development.

Y Media Labs has previously made apps for some of the most prominent companies like EMC, American Express, and eBay.

Keita-Taguchi says that a lot of Fortune 500 companies would like to adopt this technology as soon as possible to witness its benefits. Three main industries that would look forward to using Apple Watch can be Transportation, Health and Social Media.

According to Tracking firm App Annie, close to 3,061 apps could support Apple Watch, with a number is likely to increase in the future. Out of these apps, 10% are games, productivity apps 8%, health and fitness apps 7%.

The management of Apple seems to be delighted and hopes that users will give Apple Watch as good response as they did to the latest iPhone model.