Apple starts delivery of Apple Watch, releases new ads showcasing product

Apple [NASDAQ:APPL] fans wait for the new gadget Apple Watch has finally come to an end, as the first set of pre-book watches are due for delivery today. Apple is welcoming the product with new marketing campaign and has launched advertisements to show users how to make best of Apple.

Apple Watch is a first major device unveiled by Tim Cook the current CEO post demise of Steve Jobs. Though Apple is making huge money from iPhone and iPad sales this is a major product release which will showcase strength of current leadership at Apple. Apple Watch retails for $349 and the limited edition Gold version retails for $10,000. Apple Watch comes in three different models in two different sizes and a number of wrist bands.

Apple has also launched an Apple Watch specific app store. Apple Watch app store features over 3000 apps designed specifically for the Apple Watch. Apple Watch isn’t a complete device in itself. It needs iPhone to work with. The advantage of Apple Watch is that belonging to Apple experience it already has an ecosystem to rely on.

Apple has always known to deliver products with practical experience and great design. Apple Watch is also designed keeping in mind the same strategy. Apple Watch has numerous day to day applications. Apple has also change the strategy of offering product mid-night from their stores.  Apple Watch has been out for pre-order and the product is being directly shipped to the user’s home. Apple wants to use Apple Store as an experience center where people can try out the product before the product actually arrives in their hand.

Apple has also launched an ad-campaign showing some practical use of apple Watch. There is a series of advertisements titled “US”, “UP” and “RISE”. As per the new marketing strategy the Apple ads are focused towards humanity rather than focusing on the product itself.

The first ad “Us” showcases the life of common people, their joys, reunions, struggles, love etc. The messaging capabilities among the users are shown and how the Apple Watch fit in the same. The advertisement can be viewed below:

The second ad “Up” is about the people in action. In this ad a number of people are shown using the watch for a number of uses. Apple watch has map integration, workouts and on a number of physical activities.

The third ad is “Rise” which shows various ways in which the Apple Watch can be used by a person.

Each of these ads has duration of 60 seconds and they show the message that the Apple Watch is here. The ads helps teach people and make them know how Apple Watch can change your life and fit in your life. Apple has always known to make great product which are good for productivity and ease of use.

The marketing plan is to make enough hype in the market and keep the interest in the product. Apple is facing serious problem in keeping up with the demand of Apple Watch. Though first set of Apple Watch are delivered today majority of the pre-orders would have to wait for weeks or even for months for getting the Watch in their hand.

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