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Apple speculated to launch a bigger and newer iPad this year

Apple is planning to release a bigger version of its iPad by the year-end. Although the company has not made announcements in this regards, speculations from some leaks from sources are stirring the markets worldwide. In the last five years, Apple had released almost seven tablets but the upcoming model is expected to be entirely new and different from the previous ones.

It is expected that the new Apple iPad will come with a diagonal size of around 12.2 inches or 12.9 inches. This is quite bigger than the 9.7 inches iPad Air 2, the last iPad that the company had launched in October, 2014. Apple had also launched two versions of its smartphones recently, the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus, which were bigger than the company’s traditional iPhones.

However, given the nature of the reports, without the company’s affirmation, analysts fail to believe the information to be true. They argue that tablets bigger than 10 inches do not suit the needs of the average user. Hence, Apple is unlikely to launch an iPad that big in size.

Apple is currently working on a new technology, and the leaked information relates the proposed iPad to be a product of the company’s new technology. Some leaked images of the device show it in molds consistent with that of the new technology. But analysts suggest that the mold could be designed for Apple’s MacBook Air, a device that the company seeks to launch at the same suggested time as the rumored iPad.

Nevertheless, the new iPad, called iPad Pro, is certain to support a Stylus pen, which according to industry experts, would be much superior to the currently available Stylus pens. It could be a device featuring the company’s 3D technology, for which it had acquired several patents earlier. But nothing as of now could be said for sure.