Apple Shakes Up Audio Team Leadership: Gary Geaves Steps Down, Ruchir Dave Takes the Helm

Apple Shakes Up Audio Team Leadership

Apple has announced a leadership shuffle within its hardware team responsible for audio features across various products, including AirPods, Macs, and more. According to reports from Bloomberg and other sources familiar with the matter, Gary Geaves, the company’s Vice President of Acoustics for almost 13 years, is stepping down from his role.

Key Highlights:

  • Gary Geaves, Apple’s VP of Acoustics for nearly 13 years, is stepping down.
  • He will be succeeded by Ruchir Dave, a Senior Director with 14.5 years at Apple.
  • This leadership change comes amidst other departures in Apple’s hardware engineering group.
  • Dave will oversee a team of 300+ responsible for audio across AirPods, Macs, and other products.
  • The move follows significant updates to the AirPods lineup, expected to launch later this year.

Apple Shakes Up Audio Team Leadership

Geaves is reportedly transitioning to an advisory role before fully retiring. He has been with Apple since 2011 and has played a key role in the development of the company’s audio technology, including spatial audio.

Taking over the reins will be Ruchir Dave, a Senior Director who has been with Apple for 14.5 years, according to his LinkedIn profile. Dave’s previous experience within the company is not publicly known, but he is expected to bring his expertise to lead the team of over 300 employees responsible for Apple’s audio hardware and software development.

This leadership change comes amidst other recent departures within Apple’s hardware engineering group, led by John Ternus. Tang Tan, the company’s former Vice President in charge of design for iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods, left in December 2023. In preparation for that move, Geaves’ group was shifted to report to Matt Costello, the executive in charge of Beats headphones and the HomePod.

Impact on AirPods Updates:

  • Dive deeper into the rumored AirPods updates and how they might be affected by the leadership change. Will Dave maintain the same direction, or could his arrival bring new features or design philosophies?
  • Consider including analyst opinions on the potential impact of Dave’s leadership on the AirPods timeline and overall success.

Team Dynamics and Expertise:

  • Research Ruchir Dave’s background and any previous projects he’s been involved in to understand his expertise and potential leadership style.
  • Analyze the makeup of the audio team and their areas of specialization. Are there concerns about any loss of expertise with Geaves’ departure?

The timing of this leadership change is noteworthy, as Apple is reportedly preparing for major updates to its AirPods lineup, expected to launch later this year. These updates are said to include new features and potentially even new designs. It is unclear how these changes might be impacted by the new leadership, but it suggests that Apple is prioritizing its audio business and looking to capitalize on its success in this growing market.

While the specifics of Dave’s vision and approach remain to be seen, this leadership change presents both opportunities and challenges for Apple’s audio products. On the one hand, Dave’s fresh perspective could lead to innovative new ideas and products. On the other hand, Geaves’ departure represents a loss of institutional knowledge and experience, and it’s possible that there might be some disruption during the transition period. Ultimately, the success of this move will depend on Dave’s ability to build on the existing foundation while also charting a new course for Apple’s audio products in a rapidly evolving market.


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