Apple has managed to grab more than 103 percent of smartphone profits in Q3 2016 even though shipments have declined. According to sources, the Cupertino-based company pumped in more than 100 percent of all smartphone industry profits during Q3 2016 despite 12 percent market share.

According to BMO Capital Markets analyst Tim Long, Apple’s share of handset industry operating profits hit an all-time high of 103.6 percent in the most recent quarter. The company’s 100 percent performance was as a result of losses posted by other major manufacturers. From the statistics, it is evident that Apple has gained while Samsung has lost.

Samsung placed in the second spot

Meanwhile, Samsung occupied the second spot with 0.9 percent profit share even though the flagship Galaxy Note 7 doesn’t perform as expected. The rivals HC and LG ended up in the red spot. If you compare with the figures of 2015, Apple managed to earn 90 percent profit share in Q3 2015. However, other estimates put this around 95 percent.

Sale of iOS declined sharply when compared to Android

In a recently published report from Strategy Analytics, the sale of iOS handsets declined considerably when compared with Android. The iOS platform accounted for 12.1% of worldwide smartphone shipments, which is down from 13.6% in 2015. If you look at Android, the share jumped from 84.1 to 87.5%.

Talking about the sale of handsets, Samsung gained the first sport for Q3 2017 with a 21.7%. While Apple managed to grab 13.2% share, Huawei secured 9.7 percent to reach the third position.

In the recently released earnings results, Apple reported a decline in iPhone shipments from 48 million in Q3 2015 to 45.5 million during the same period in 2016. Despite the decrease in shipments, Apple managed to gain ground due to rapid sales of iPhone 7.

That being said, the pricing strategy of Apple still remains a concern since budget users are still unable to experience the features of iOS.