Apple removes few apps including adblockers from App Store over security concern

Apple being the most reliable and safe smartphone’s in the world, is not ready to compromise on its iPhone’s security. As said by Steve Jobs, Apple is very much committed to the user’s personal data security. Recently, Apple has taken back few apps from his App Store due to the security concern.

On October 8th, Apple Inc. said that they had to remove few apps from their App Store as the apps were bargaining and not that concern with the user’s personal data security. However, the company does not put in the picture the actual number of removed apps.

Apple said these eliminated apps used to ask for certificates while installation. These certificates can route user’s personal data to the server.

On the server, data can be analysed and encrypted very easily. These apps threatened the user’s security that can expose data monetarily to third parties. App developers also made their Apps reroute the web traffic with the help of external server to analyse the same.

These routed root certificates make the data available on the server that can be accessed by the hackers very easily. So it was a very big threat to the users. If any developer had compromised with the ad blocker, they would have made an entry door for the hackers.

The speaking representative of Apple said that their teams are continually working with the developers of the removed apps. They will soon bring those applications back in the App Store while ensuring that there will be no risk of personal data security.

One of a developer amongst the removed apps, been choice admitted on Twitter that Apple removed their application from his App Store. And they will soon be back on the store with the positive changes in the app.

For the start, they have blocked advertising in their application.
Apple even added ad blockers in the iOS system; this will permit the user to remove or block the Ads while surfing on the internet.


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