Apple Rekindles Foldable iPhone Dreams: But Are They Ready for Launch?


Apple’s foray into the world of foldable devices may take another step forward, with reports suggesting the company is revisiting its plans for a foldable iPhone. This comes after the recent launch of the Vision Pro, Apple’s mixed reality headset, which marked a significant entry into a new product category.

Key Highlights:

  • Apple reportedly explores reviving the foldable iPhone project after delays due to durability concerns.
  • The company favors a clamshell design similar to the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, with an 8-inch main display.
  • Launch timeline remains unclear, with reports suggesting 2025 or later as possibilities.
  • Several challenges persist, including hinge durability, crease visibility, and software adaptation.
  • The success of the Vision Pro might indicate renewed confidence in Apple’s ability to tackle these challenges.

Foldable Form Factor and Launch Rumors:

According to The Information, Apple is currently exploring different versions of the foldable iPhone, with a preference for a clamshell design akin to the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. This form factor would prioritize portability when folded and offer a larger display when unfolded, potentially reaching an 8-inch size.

However, the launch timeline remains shrouded in mystery. Some reports suggest Apple could unveil the device as early as 2025, while others point to a later timeframe. Ultimately, the final decision might hinge on overcoming technical hurdles and ensuring a premium user experience that aligns with Apple’s brand identity.

Technical Challenges and Potential Solutions:

Foldable displays still present several challenges, including concerns about hinge durability, the visibility of the crease, and software optimization for the unique form factor. Apple reportedly addressed some of these issues in the Vision Pro, and the learnings from that project could translate to the foldable iPhone. However, ensuring long-term durability and a seamless user experience remain key priorities.

The Vision Pro Factor: Renewed Confidence?

The success of the Vision Pro, despite its premium price tag, might indicate renewed confidence within Apple to tackle the challenges associated with foldable devices. If the company can replicate the positive reception towards the Vision Pro with a well-executed foldable iPhone, it could potentially carve out a significant niche in this burgeoning market.

Software Considerations:

  • Adapting iOS to a foldable form factor requires careful UI/UX design to ensure seamless multitasking and app compatibility.
  • Apple’s expertise in software development could be a significant advantage in this area.

Potential Display Technologies:

  • Apple could utilize various display technologies for the foldable iPhone, including LTPO OLED for smoother refresh rates and improved battery life.
  • MicroLED displays are also a possibility, offering superior brightness, color accuracy, and potentially better durability.

While Apple’s interest in a foldable iPhone appears to be rekindled, the timeline and success hinge on overcoming technical hurdles and delivering a user experience that resonates with its target audience. The lessons learned from the Vision Pro launch could prove invaluable in this endeavor, but only time will tell if Apple can successfully navigate the complexities of the foldable market with its next flagship device.


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