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Apple plans to offer paid subscription content via its Apple News app: Report

Apple Inc., has plans of offering subscription content available through its Apple News app, which will give publishers (with paywalls), a new way of controlling who has viewed the articles. Under this plan, the company offers the users an option to subscribe to paid content, thus making its service more attractive for all. The model closely relates to News Stand by Google Plus, which gives access to Newspapers and Magazines for a fee.

As of now, only publishers who have signed up with this subscriber-based model of Apple can offer content for free push out excerpts of the articles on this news app, after which users would be redirected to the website of the published for gaining complete access to a particular article.

Apple News only has a few paywall sites in its list; The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times are one of them. It is still not clear as to how much commission Apple would take from these subscriptions of how its authentication process is going to work.

This new paid model of Apple attracts readers and subscribers alike and is similar to websites like FT or WSJ that need a subscription for accessing content. Apple News is currently available in the USA, UK, and Australia.

In the month of October, the company had revealed that there were 40 million users of Apple News. This move is definitely a proof of Apple’s plans for taking over Instant Articles News service of Facebook that offers selected content from publishers.

While Twitter is working on its plan of going beyond the 140-character limit, Google too is working on its plan of offering Android users instant access to news.