Apple Maintains Status Quo for iPhone EU Web Apps in iOS 17.4

Apple Maintains Status Quo for iPhone EU Web Apps in iOS 17.4

In a surprising turn of events, Apple has decided to maintain its current approach towards iPhone web applications in the European Union with the upcoming release of iOS 17.4. This decision comes amidst various changes Apple announced to comply with the EU’s Digital Markets Act (DMA), aiming to enhance user choice and competition.

Key Highlights:

  • iOS 17.4 introduces significant changes in response to the EU’s Digital Markets Act, including alternative app marketplaces and payment processing options.
  • Despite expectations, Apple will not alter its treatment of web apps on the iPhone in the EU under the new update.
  • The updates are designed to offer developers more freedom in app distribution and payment processing, while ensuring user safety and security through new safeguards.

Apple Maintains Status Quo for iPhone EU Web Apps in iOS 17.4

Changes Under iOS 17.4

Apple’s adjustments to iOS, Safari, and the App Store are primarily focused on complying with the DMA, offering developers new APIs, expanded app analytics, and more. These changes enable the use of alternative browser engines and introduce new options for app payments and distribution within the EU​​​​.

New Payment and App Distribution Options

Developers can now choose between Apple’s existing terms or adopt new business terms that allow for alternative distribution or payment processing. This includes a reduced commission rate for iOS apps on the App Store and a fee for using Apple’s payment processing. Additionally, apps distributed from alternative marketplaces will incur a Core Technology Fee, affecting less than 1% of developers​​.

Safeguarding User Security and Privacy

To mitigate the potential risks associated with these changes, Apple is implementing several protective measures. Notarization for iOS apps ensures that all apps, regardless of distribution channel, meet Apple’s security and privacy standards. Marketplace developers are required to meet ongoing requirements to protect users and developers, and users will experience a new app installation process designed to inform them about the apps they download​​.

Enhanced Browser Engine and Payment Options

iOS 17.4 will allow the use of alternative browser engines and introduce new APIs for contactless payment transactions, offering users more choices. However, developers must adhere to strict security and privacy requirements to utilize these features, including using memory-safe programming languages and blocking cross-site cookies by default​​.

The decision by Apple to keep its approach to iPhone EU web apps unchanged in iOS 17.4, while introducing other significant updates to comply with the EU’s Digital Markets Act (DMA), indicates a strategic move to enhance user choice and competition within the European Union. This move is part of a broader suite of changes aimed at providing developers with more flexibility in app distribution and payment processing, as well as introducing new safeguards to ensure the security and privacy of users in the EU.

Unique Opinionated Summary

Apple’s decision to keep the iPhone EU web apps unchanged in iOS 17.4, amidst other significant updates, reflects a careful balancing act. By introducing new features and options for developers and users in compliance with the DMA, Apple aims to open up its ecosystem without compromising on its core values of user safety and security. These changes signify a new era of choice and flexibility in the EU, albeit with an unwavering commitment to protecting users from potential risks. This strategic move not only aligns with regulatory demands but also underscores Apple’s dedication to innovation and security in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

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