Apple macOS High Sierra Public Beta: Here’s how to install it

Apple has released a public beta of its macOS High Sierra which is now available for download for everyone. Users interested in downloading the public beta of macOS High Sierra will need to enroll themselves in the Apple Beta Software Program.

Being a beta software implies its still in development and some applications may not work as expected. The macOS High Sierra was announced by Apple at its Worldwide FDevelopers Conference. The new OS brings a host of new features aimed at bringing a more streamlined user experience for Mac users. For instance, macOS Sierra brings a new core storage, support for High-Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC), along with other video and graphic improvements.

The update can be downloaded on MacBooks and iMacs manufactured after 2009. Besides, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac Pro, and Mac Mini manufactured after 2010 can also download the update. The macOS High Sierra update is nearly 4GB in size. Here’s a list of steps that you should follow to install the public beta of the new macOS High Sierra:

  • The first step is to ensure that you back up all your data. To do so, head over to System Preference, click Time Machine and begin with the data backup process.
  • If you haven’t, get yourself enrolled in Apple’s Beta Software Program through your Apple ID.
  • Next, download MacOS Public Beta Access Utility to enroll and install it.
  • Once you’ve installed the macOS Public Beta Access Utility on your system, run the program and set it up. Next, you’ll be taken over to the App Store where you need to click download and start installing the macOS High Sierra Public Beta on your system.
  • After High Sierra is downloaded, click on Continue and you’ll be asked where to install the public beta.
  • Once the installation process begins, the file system on your Mac will automatically get converted to the new APFS file format.
  • After you’re through with the above-mentioned steps, your Mac will reboot and you’ll have the new macOS High Sierra public beta on your system.

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