Almost after eight months of its initial availability on other platforms, WhatsApp for Web is now finally available for iPhone users. Apple iPhone users can now port their WhatsApp chats on Macs and PCs, but they have to update the WhatsApp to latest version. The update is now available to install at App Store.

WhatsApp Web, the desktop version of mobile-based app, was earlier accessible only to Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry users, but iPhone users kept waiting for their turn to come to use WhatsApp web service for long. And now the moment of exhilaration arrives for them, as they too can have fun using WhatsApp Web.

Although not all the WhatsApp Web features would be available for the users of iPhone like capturing pictures and recording the voice messages yet some important ones like managing chats, sharing locations, and uploading profile photos will do for them as of now.

WhatsApp is continuously striving to retain all its users and prevent their diversion to other competitive apps like Line, Viber and WeChat. The application WhatsApp Web that could be used only on Google Chrome initially now supports Mozilla Firefox, Opera Mini and Safari on Mac.

Using WhatsApp Web is not a complicated process. You just need to open the Whatsapp Web website where a QR code will be showed. Using WhatsApp on your phones, that code needs to be scanned via phone and it will begin pairing that’s it. Immediately you will be able to use your WhatsApp on your desktops or laptops.

A thing worth noticing is while the apps like Skype do not eat up phone’s internet connection while being run on laptops, WhatsApp Web depends on the internet connection running on your phones. You need to keep your mobile phone’s data connection throughout the time you are using WhatApp Web.

Apple iPhone consumers look extremely excited with the launch of WhatsApp for Web service. Hopefully, they will be even more delighted while using the updated versions that might hit anytime.