The Apple iPhones are not waterproof, at least officially! In no way has Apple claimed water repellent properties for its latest addition to the line of iPhones, the iPhone SE. So, it shouldn’t survive in Water, at least no more than a few minutes, right? Well, wrong!

This guy in a video has a brand new Apple iPhone SE that survives for 5+ hours straight while immersed in water! Wait…what? You read that right. More than five straight hours! The Apple iPhone SE is running smoothly in water shouldn’t be a “hard to believe” thing anymore.

One would imagine that after such an amazing feat, the guy would call it a day and enjoy the new Smartphone. But, that’s not the case! Moving on, he drops the brand new Apple iPhone SE from 100 ft!

Do you think the immortal Apple iPhone SE will survive this devastating drop? Has Apple started rolling out Terminators disguised as iPhones? Is the judgement day coming? Where is Sarah Connor?

To find out, simply watch the video below!

P.S (Spoiler Alert) I don’t call it the immortal iPhone for nothing or wait…do I now?