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Apple iPhone SE to have a notched display, slated for September launch

Apple is already expected to introduce at least three iPhone X models at its annual iPhone launch schedule during fall. However, according to The Indian Express which based its revelation on a new report from the Japanese site Macotakara, there will likely be a new iPhone SE variant too for launch this year during the same period.

Both the developments shouldn’t come as a surprise as we have seen earlier reports claiming the impending launch of a new iPhone SE as well as a trio of iPhone X successor. However, the latest report claims all four iPhone variants will be launched simultaneously during September. Previous reports has stated the iPhone SE will launch sometime during May – June period. That seems unlikely at the moment.

Further, the new iPhone SE could be unlike the current version we have at the moment. Instead, the Japanese site claims the successor will have a notch and might feature a 6-inch display. That said, a 4-inch display too is being tested and Apple is yet to take a call on the final display size the new SE will come with.

Notably, the one thing that identifies the SE is its relatively smaller dimensions. It remains to be seen if Apple is ready to compromise on that given the current craze for bigger display handsets. What seems definite though is that Face ID will likely become the default user authentication on all iOS devices henceforth. There were previous reports of the same being included on future iPad as well.

As for the three iPhone X devices slated for launch this fall, those will be of 5.8-inch and 6.5-inch dimensions; both being OLED displays. The third iPhone X version will have a 6-inch display but will come with a LCD panel. Further, the notch will be included on all models notwithstanding the user apathy for the same.

Apple meanwhile also has its annual WWDC event scheduled for June this year. Maybe we will get to hear more on this then.


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