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Apple iPhone 12 will have 5G internet access in Dual Sim mode thanks to a forthcoming software update

Among the several firsts that the Apple iPhone 12 range comes with include its 5G capability, with all four models able to connect to a 5G network. Unfortunately, a recent report from MacRumors dampened spirits by claiming the phones won’t be able to access 5G internet in Dual SIM mode.

The report that was meant for internal Apple employee training purposes further stated the speed would be throttled down to 4G LTE even if the user has a 5G subscription if Dual SIM mode is invoked. The training material further stated the user will have to remove the physical SIM in order to access 5G networks via the eSIM.

Fortunately, the good news on this front is that Apple has stated they will be rolling out an update by the end of this year that would take care of the above shortcoming. As MacRumors reported, the above has been revealed in another internal Verizon document that claims the said update will make it unnecessary for users to remove their SIM cards to access 5G internet.

There is no fixed time frame available though as to when the said update will make it to the real world. Till then, users will be forced to make do with 4G LTE speeds even if they have an active 5G connection unless of course the physical SIM has been removed. That again makes for a rather awkward scenario for those who have two separate carrier plans and find it hard to give up on either.

Pre-orders for the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 Pro in India are slated to start on October 23 while the iPhone Mini and the top-end iPhone 12 Pro Mac can be pre-ordered starting November 6. Actual deliveries are expected to commence within weeks thereafter. That entails waiting for another few weeks for the update to roll out.

That said, with 5G yet to be a reality in India, iPhone 12 buyers in the country aren’t likely to be affected much by the above shortcoming. In any case, it is good to see Apple making amends to the scenario.

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