Apple iOS 14.5 beta version includes a battery recalibration tool along with other Siri enhancements

The sixth iOS 14.5 beta version has been made available to developers. And among everything else to look forward to with the specific version include an iPhone battery recalibration tool. Specific mention of the tool was first noticed in the iOS 14.5 code which also includes a link to the Apple support page on this that offers further information on the same.

About the tool, it will show up in case the battery is experiencing reduced peak performance. The tool will come in handy in those situations where the phone is showing an inaccurate estimate of the battery’s health. In those scenarios, the battery health reporting feature will recalibrate the maximum battery capacity and peak performance capability so that users get to have the most accurate indication of battery health.

The battery recalibration tool will however be compatible with only the iPhone 11 series of phones at the moment, which means the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and the iPhone 11 Pro Max. Apple though said the inaccuracy in the battery health reporting, however, does not mean any issues with the battery itself. Rather, it is a bug where unexpected battery drain behavior or reduced peak performance is shown.

Apple also stated the battery recalibration will occur during the time the iPhone is put on charge. Also, it could take several weeks for the calibration to complete. When it is done, the maximum capacity percentage and peak performance capability data get reflected in the Settings app.

Among the other charges to be seen with iOS 14.5 include new voice options for Siri, which will also be available in a choice of male and female voices as well. Plus, there is also going to be the option to unlock the iPhone via Apple Watch along with updates for the Music app as well.


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