Apple iOS 10 features: 10 major changes coming to your iPhone

ios 10

Apple announced a new edition of its mobile platform on 13 June 2016, iOS 10 (beta version), and it claims to be the best iOS ever. Usually, the new OS releases come with a few tweaks and improvements, but this one comes with a host of redesigned bits. Here are the new features of iOS 10:

1. New User Interface

The new UI redesigned lock screen and added features like Rise to Wake, swipe left for the camera, and right for widgets (they’re still alive). The notifications now come in the form of bubbles; in fact, most panels including the control center and music controls come in the form of bubbles. The control center also has a third tab for the Home app shortcuts.

ios 10

The 3D touch has become enhanced. The notifications can be expanded to get a glimpse of the info. The notifications can also be snapped as a widget on the Today page, which is the leftmost on the home screen.

2. Changes in Siri


Siri has now been opened to developers. Now it can send messages through non-Apple clients (it can also search photos and files through third party apps). Payments and other tasks can be performed through VoIP calls.

3. Smarter keyboard

The keyboard has been advanced with the help of Siri. For starters, it can sense what you want to type and suggest words (not very different), and it can read through your messages and suggest things like creating an even alert, remember addresses, share location, etc. It also has multilingual typing.

4. Photos Redefined

Taking a lead from Android, the new iOS shows images on maps and those images can be changed. So you can keep pictures of your friends on their locations. The special feature included here is that your photos will be automatically sorted by landmarks, people etc.

5. Maps

The ‘Maps’ app is not just about directions and finding places, anymore. It can also make reservations, expanding navigation to the dashboard display etc. with the help of plugins.

6. Music

The new UI has made organizing and finding music files easier. The redesigned app offers a bright and simplistic aesthetic along with a new Library launch tab on the bottom left.

7. News

Again, you can now organize and find news more easily. Subcategories can be made for specific topics like a particular tournament in a sport or even a particular sports.

8. Home app

ios 10

The Home app allows you to control every other smart device in the house e.g. lamps, fridge, TV, ACs, etc. To add to this, the home screen touch also has scrubbers. This allows you to perform actions like increase or decrease volume, as well as brightness.

9. The phone

The third-party apps can also use the calling screen used by the normal calling and the voicemail can transcribe the message for you. This helps it identify spams.

10. iMessage

Messaging now supports live GIF and video playback. Any multimedia can be played within the messages windows. Apart from this, the emojis have become bigger, and new chat bubbles have come into the picture.


The best new feature, however, is that now it supports handwritten messages. To add, the emails can be read in a conversation view like in chats.


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