Apple Inc confirms closing recent apps does not improve battery life

Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) confirmed that closing recent apps will not improve battery life of the Apple devices. Apple iOS chief Craig Federighi on behalf of its CEO, Tim Cook categorically stated that closing multitasking apps frequently will not result in any improvement in battery life. The response to a long query turned out to be a simple three-word reply.

According to analysts, the question asked is the first of its kind to pass through Apple’s email servers, but it is one of those rare occasions to receive a human reply directly from the busy team of Apple’s management.

Even though Apple used to respond to customer questions and feedbacks, this is the first time that a top executive who works directly behind the hoods of iOS platform responded very quickly. It shows Apple’s commitment to addressing customers growing concerns.

Meanwhile, the official support page states that force-quitting should only be used on a case-by-case basis when an app freezes or misbehaves.

While Apple doesn’t agree with the logic of quitting all apps since it involves swiping up on several individual app windows, the majority of apps are either frozen in RAM or may not run at all. The system, however, displays them all for the sake of consistency, which ultimately doesn’t have any impact on the battery life.

Apple disclosed that apps used for GPS navigation, much background playback have a real effect on the battery life but will be reflected only when they are running.

Apple, in future, should integrate a system module which should display all the apps which are running on the device along with the resource usage. It will help users to know those apps which are causing trouble.

The reply to emails from Apple’s management regarding customer queries are not new especially Steve Jobs, who regularly provided short, crisp, concise, and honest responses to emails on a broad range of topics.


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