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Apple iMac Pro vs iMac: What’s the difference?

The new iMac Pro can easily be adjudged one of the more exciting launches at the Apple Worldwide Developer Conference 2017. Expected to be a super-powered version of the already existing iMac Desktop Device, it surely offers some really incredible specifications which do justify all the hue and the cry made about it. Let us see how it differs from the old 27-inch iMac Computer.


The Apple iMac Pro features Intel Xeon processor which is a next-generation processor and which boasts up to 18 cores in all. This is an outstanding improvement when compared to the 27-inch iMac which features a previous generation Intel Core i5 or i7 chipset. Even where memory is concerned, the Apple iMac Pro has been blessed with faster memory too of up to 16 GB of on-package-high-bandwidth memory. Whereas in the case of the 27-inch iMac, it has only 8 GB of DDR3 memory which can be expanded to 16 GB or 32 GB. Hence, with the Apple iMac Pro, one can easily run a lot of apps at once with great ease without any hindrance to the general performance of the device.


The new iMac Pro has a beautiful 27-inch Retina 5K Display which is said to support a billion colors. It is designed to satisfy the DCI P3 color standard which is usually used in film production. Whereas, with the same screen and the resolution, the current iMac Pro can manage only a million colors. Although the size and the resolution of the screen are same as that of the current 27-inch iMac Pro, the newer version does offer visuals where the line between realism and otherwise almost absolutely vanishes.  All these put together makes the screen close to being 43 percent brighter than its predecessors. The Apple iMac Pro has the ability to output to two 4096 x 2160 external displays, or one 5120 x 2880 dual-cable screen as well.


Where the Apple iMac Pro is sporting Radeon Pro Vega graphics, up to 16 GB of high-bandwidth RAM with a new next-generation GPU, the older 27-inch iMac has been sporting the older Radeon R9 M380, M390 or M395 GPU with 2 to 4 GB of GDDR5 memory. If anyone is into any sort of intensive visual task, video editing, gaming, etc, then the new iMac Pro is definitely the go-to option which provides up to 11 Teraflops single precision power, or twice that at half precision.


The new iMac comes in space gray finish which is worth the drooling feel which you might experience when you actually do see it and also comes with a matching mouse and a matching keyboard. Like all the iMacs designs, the Apple iMac Pro too does have the same glass and metal design and weighs slightly higher at 9.7 kg as compared to the 27-inch iMac model that weighs 9.44 kg. The Apple iMac Pro does have the regular iMac range packed with a Gigabit Ethernet socket, two Thunderbolt 3 (USB C) ports on the rear side, four USB 3.0s along with an SDXC card slot and a headphone jack. Further, the new iMac Pro has two Thunderbolt 3 ports and a 10 GB Ethernet port which is supposed to be 10 times faster than the standard Gigabit Ethernet. The iMac Pro also has a 1080p FaceTime camera which is a further improvement over the old iMac’s HD camera.

On the whole, the new iMac Pro could well be the device that the professionals have been waiting for and which Apple has finally delivered. However, if all of it seems too tempting, you got to wait till the end of the year which is when the PC is set for its debut. Pre-orders aren’t open yet but when it does, be prepared to shell out $4999 which is what the new iMac Pro has been priced.