Apple reportedly working on foldable 2017 iPhone, Google and Microsoft to follow

Apple is gearing up to manufacture a foldable iPhone. If rumors are to be believed, you can expect the launch of foldable iPhone in 2017. Moreover, the Cupertino-based tech giant is also planning to motivate other smartphone manufacturers to launch similar gadgets in the forthcoming future.

According to a new report emerging from Korea, Apple, Google, and Microsoft are working in close cooperation with LG Display for the development of OLED panels. However, the new display panels will not only be curved but also can be easily folded.

Samsung and LG to compete with each other for foldable display development

We have reports from credible sources that Samsung Display is expected to work as a leading distributor for the curved iPhone in 2017. However, LG Display will most likely compete with Samsung for Apple orders in 2018. There are reports that LG has entered into a partnership with Apple to mass-manufacture foldable OLED display.

LG to manufacture foldable displays for Apple, Google and Microsoft

Recently, a Korean website ETNews reported that they have credible confirmation that LG will manufacture foldable displays not only for Apple but also for Google and Microsoft. Interestingly, there are rumors that Google Pixel and Microsoft Surface gadgets could also be equipped with a foldable display in the upcoming future.

Since both iPhone 8 and Samsung Galaxy S8 will feature curved OLED displays, we also expect Google to follow the similar path. The search engine giant will also add new features for enhancement of the image quality in the 2017 Pixel version.

There are also rumors on the web that Microsoft will also make use of foldable displays for the mystery Surface Phone. If they are not integrating the new display with the Phone, then you can expect it to find a place in the forthcoming Surface tablet.

As of writing this, we don’t have any clear indication as to when Google and Microsoft release new smartphones with curved or foldable displays. That being said, you need not have to expect LG’s new OLED display till Q3 2017.


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