Apple finally opens Retail Stores in India, why it matters?

Apple Inc. is slowly moving towards making India a better place for the company’s products. Although, it is one of the biggest smartphone market in the world, selling an Apple product has always been a tough job to do for the Cupertino giant. The price is one of those several factors producing a repelling effect for the Indian users.

With the launch of Apple Stores in India, all of the Apple products will be introduced in the country at the same time they’ll hit the shelves in the United States. Also, we can assume that Apple will be rolling out an online shop for selling the products in the market.

Other than this, every year Apple introduces iPhones with a pre-bookings, and with the Stores opened, we may have the same online pre-booking option available to us. What’s more, people will also be able to pick-up other accessories as well with the iPhone, Mac or any other Apple product.

Coming down to the next point, with Apple introducing the Stores in India and Foxconn opening up the manufacturing plants, the prices of the devices is going to fall significantly.

Every year there is a significant bump in the prices of Apple iPhone, with the newly launched iPhone 6s and 6s Plus starting at 62,000 INR and 72,000 INR respectively. The Dollar conversion rate, policies, and import duties are probably the reason behind why we have an even more expensive iPhones this year.

However, with Foxconn assembling the devices in the country consumers can expect the prices to come down somewhere in the range of 50,000 INR.

Other than this, Foxconn will not be only manufacturing the iPhone for the Apple, but also the other products as well. What we have assumed that with parts getting imported in India, AppleCare protection will now be even more useful.

Apart from extending the warranty, Apple users now may encounter free or significantly less costly repairs for the Apple products. Needless to mention, getting the display fixed drills an enormous hole in the pocket. All that of it is going to get reduced to somewhere near 7,000 or 6,000 INR with AppleCare.

Apart from the smartphones, let’s take a look at what Apple can offer with its other line of products. Buying a Mac from the in India would be much more beneficial. There aren’t going to be any Macs with stock configuration but the user configurable computers with a customized RAM and storage options – however, that can only be done during the checkout, not after it delivers.

Apart from this, the big news here was launching of the Apple Watch in the Indian market this November. After almost six months, it finally happened, and what we assumed is true and Apple Watch is carrying the starting price tag of 30,000 INR.

Other than this, the next iteration is soon going to be introduced by the company anywhere in the Q2 of 2016, and the Cupertino giant will be releasing it with an even more force. The Watch is surely going to hit the shelves around the world soon the company releases it, and not to forgot the second iteration of this product is going to pack amazing specifications – or at least that’s what the Cupertino giant’s history says.

Firstly we can expect all those feature that were missed in the Apple Watch but were announced during the keynote. Secondly, the design is less likely to change as we can consider the Watch 2 similar to the ‘S’ variant of the iPhone lineup – not much outside, but huge improvements under the hood.

Right now, Apple has opened five Retail Stores in Mumbai and one in Bangalore. We are all excited for Apple to open stores in India and hope to open stores on the Northern side of the country as well.


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