Apple Expects to Sell Fewer OLED iPad Pros Than Planned

ipads 2024 to be thinner and lighter apple will test oled prototypes internally

Apple, known for its meticulous production planning, has reportedly adjusted its strategy for the upcoming OLED iPad Pro models. According to a recent report from Aju Korea Daily, cited by TrendForce, the tech giant has cut orders for OLED display panels by 20-30%. This move suggests that Apple anticipates lower demand for the next-generation iPad Pros than initially projected.

Key Highlights:

  • Apple reportedly reduced orders for OLED display panels by 20-30%, suggesting lower iPad Pro sales expectations.
  • The cut primarily affects the 13-inch model, potentially due to concerns over price increases associated with OLED technology.
  • Analysts cite various factors like economic slowdown, ongoing chip shortage, and potential saturation in the high-end tablet market.
  • The move highlights Apple’s cautious approach to managing inventory and potential adjustments to its product strategy.

ipads 2024 to be thinner and lighter apple will test oled prototypes internally

Potential Reasons for Lower Demand:

Several factors might be contributing to Apple’s revised sales expectations. Concerns surrounding a potential economic slowdown and the ongoing chip shortage could dampen consumer spending, especially on premium devices like the high-end iPad Pros. Additionally, some analysts suggest that the market for high-end tablets might be approaching saturation, with existing iPad models already offering powerful features and capabilities for many users.

Price Sensitivity and OLED Display Costs:

Furthermore, the switch to OLED displays, known for their vibrant colors and deeper blacks, is expected to significantly increase the price of the new iPad Pros. This price hike could make the devices less palatable to price-sensitive consumers, especially in a challenging economic climate. The report highlights that the order reduction primarily affects the 13-inch model, supplied by LG Display, whose panels are anticipated to be more expensive than the 11-inch models equipped with Samsung’s OLED technology.

Impact on Supply Chain:

The order reduction has sent ripples through Apple’s supply chain, with major display panel manufacturers like LG Display and Samsung Display potentially facing reduced production volumes. This could impact their revenue and workforce, particularly for LG Display, whose reliance on the 13-inch model order was higher.

Market Reaction and Analyst Opinions:

Industry analysts offer varying perspectives on the situation. Some believe the reduced production signifies a prudent inventory management strategy by Apple, while others view it as a potential indicator of weakening demand for high-end tablets. The overall impact on the tablet market remains to be seen, with some analysts suggesting it could benefit lower-priced and mid-range tablets that offer good value compared to the potentially expensive OLED models.

Impact on Production and Strategy:

By scaling back production, Apple aims to minimize the risk of excess inventory and potential financial losses. This move also indicates a cautious approach to product strategy, with the company willing to adapt based on market conditions and consumer preferences. It’s still unclear how significantly the order reduction will impact the final launch date or availability of the new iPad Pros. However, it’s indicative of a potentially more conservative approach in Apple’s product roadmap.

Apple’s decision to adjust its iPad Pro production plans highlights the complex dynamics of the technology market. While the company remains a leader in innovation and design, external factors like economic uncertainty and evolving consumer preferences require continuous adaptation and strategic adjustments. Whether the OLED iPad Pros can overcome these challenges and achieve strong sales performance remains to be seen. The coming months will provide clearer insights into consumer reception and Apple’s future tablet strategy.


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