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Apple Electric Car could arrive in 2021 for $75000, says Car Analyst Gene Munster

Apple Car is expected to arrive in 2021 at a cost of $75000, says Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster. He confirmed that the company will release a car that you can explore and order during the 2019-2020 time frame. Munster, who is regarded as a highly respected Apple analyst, revealed that the work is currently going on at a fast pace in Cupertino to meet the proposed deadline.

Commenting on the Apple’s automobile ambitions, Tesla CEO Elon Musk termed it is an open secret in Silicon Valley.

Even though Apple Car will be unveiled in 2020 to hold up the market in anticipation, it will not be delivered until 2021, adds Munster, while revealing the details to Apple Car Fans, an unofficial website about the upcoming Apple car.

While the design of Apple Car will be carried out by in-house research and development team, Apple will most likely outsource 80 percent of the manufacturing process just like what they follow with its other products. However, the supply chain will be funded by the company directly.

Munster revealed that the quality of Apple Car will not be affected because of outsourcing since Apple always follows a strict quality policy for all products. However, it remains to be seen how Apple delivers Apple Car to end users.

Will it be through retail stores or online? These are some of the unanswered questions, adds Munster when asked about the marketing policy of the new Car.

In December 2015, Apple had registered domain names, which include apple.car, apple.cars and apple.auto that fuelled speculation among tech enthusiasts about the imminent release of an automobile related product.

We inspected the domain records of apple.car and noticed that it was registered on Dec 9, 2015, for a one-year term via MarkMonitor registrar. Moreover, the company is reportedly hiring engineers from Ford and Mercedes-Benz as the first step to moving ahead with the development of Apple Car.

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