Apple iPhone 5S received major price drop in India, now available for Rs 24,999

In three months, this is for the third time that the prices of Apple iPhone 5S have been slashed down to almost half. This move by Apple is an effort to boost the sales of iPhone 5S, as the sales of iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus have been dropped down suddenly after Diwali.

The prices of iPhone 5S have been slashed down from Rs. 44,500 to Rs. 24,999, thus making its Indian price the lowest all across the globe.

A senior executive of a retail chain stated that the sales of Apple iPhone 6S Plus and 6S have witnessed a sudden drop down after Diwali and owing to this, the price of iPhone 5S has been brought down considerably by Apple.

Retailers state that the sales of Apple iPhone 5S account for 50% of the total sales of iPhone in India. The price of iPhone 5s was lowered by Apple in the month of October, during Dussehra and then in the month of November, during Diwali.

Apple did not respond to the email sent to them in this regards. As per some reliable sources, this move is basically for doubling the sales in India in the crucial month of December, the period of high sales for Apple as it is the launch period of many new iPhones globally.

This might also be a strategy of Apple for building a strong portfolio in the market of mid-segment smartphone.

Apple wants to focus its energy in India in the price band of $250-400 since more consumers can be locked into the eco-system for building up an upgradation base whenever the launch of new iPhones is seen, stated a senior Telecom analyst, Tarun Pathak.

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