Microsoft Corporation on Wednesday displayed quiet satisfaction as the European Union regulators readied antitrust charges against Google Inc. Google is being charged for abusing its monopoly in the business of online search. The software giant has been the leading complainants against the search engine monopolist in Europe. Microsoft has been trying hard since long, both behind the scenes and in public to push a closer regulatory scrutiny on Google.

Rivalry between Microsoft and Google

Over the last two decades, Microsoft-staffers of long time have faced several such actions from the European and the US regulators and have paid the price. That is why their approach towards this new regulatory action against Google is not at all sympathetic as it is to undergo a similar process.

According to Microsoft’s general manager, during the antitrust trial against the company, Google does not have any other option but to go through whatever is being thrown its way.

Google has been the pain in the neck for Microsoft, as the former makes it difficult for the Microsoft-owned Bing, search engine to get through You Tube on Google. Moreover, Google also disallows sharing of data with other search engines including Bing, which is one of the anti-competitive practices. Google is being accused of playing such tactics to retain its monopoly.

The case generates interest

Both Microsoft and Google are giants in their respective fields. And, competition between these two is inevitable. Instead of healthy competitive practices, more behind the back tactics and business hampering techniques are being used. Moreover, both the companies in their respective fields hold a monopoly and at times have been charged with abusing their hold.

Microsoft Corp earlier has to face such trials repeatedly. Such incidences have already put some scars on the Microsoft staffers. Now it is time for the Google to go through the same trial.