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Animal Crossing and Its Popularity


On March 16, 2020, the first reviews of Animal Crossing: New Horizons appeared – the sequel to the series of life simulators from Nintendo, where you need to live in a settlement of anthropomorphic animals. As of this writing, the game has a Metacritic rating of 90 based on 111 opinions, the highest in the series. The title received the “Must-Play” mark.

Unlike previous parts of Animal Crossing, the player is asked not to drive into an already inhabited village, but to build their own on a secluded island. The main character is free to choose who will live and where, and critics liked such innovations.

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Away from civilization, in the first few days (in real-time) there are only you, trees, water, stones, slowly building constructions, and animals. This is a completely different atmosphere – in contrast to the city, which is already full of noisy shops and busy animals.

The tools for changing the island were especially appreciated by journalists. When you get the tools to change the island, New Horizons is far removed from its predecessors and fully revealed. Most of all players liked terraforming: you can easily create hills, cliffs, bridges, waterfalls, lakes, miniature islands, and rivers. This is a completely new mechanic in the series.

However, according to the IGN author, due to the fact that all progress is tied to the real-time of day and takes place in real-time, New Horizons is accelerating too slowly. Until all the basic gameplay elements inherent in the series are revealed, the game runs the risk of getting bored.

In New Horizons, you have to wait until tomorrow to see a bridge built, an improved store, or an animal that you invited to live on the island. In the first few days, while the island wakes up, there is simply not enough work to do.

As journalists note, at first, New Horizons may seem aimless – however, it is best revealed when the player begins to study the game on their own. In the game, you can do a lot of new things among which are:

  • home decorating;
  • clothes creation;
  • filling the museum with minerals, and
  • much more.

So, much of your enjoyment in the game depends on how well you are at setting goals for yourself.

As expected, New Horizons has no intelligible story – according to critics, it is superficial, but at the same time very sweet. As journalists note, unlike the previous parts, there is even a plot motivation to customize the island and invite new residents.

Each animal has its own character, and they are also very cute – they argue with each other, get together for joint songs or yoga classes, and sometimes give you little trials or random gifts. As a result, many journalists called Animal Crossing: New Horizons one of the best exclusives for Switch – like Breath of the Wild, it brings a lot of new to the series but remains true to itself.

And even after 100 hours of playing, New Horizons continues to amaze. Every day it reveals a new secret, shows a new visitor to chat with. Sometimes it’s even interesting just to see how your flowers are doing there. Overall, everyone should definitely try it and determine the charm of the game by themselves.