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Android O reportedly won’t be called Android Oreo

Android O

Google gave us a glimpse of Android O at its I/O Developers Conference 2017. Earlier this month, the company also released the latest developer preview build of Android O, which confirms it would be Android 8.0. Now, fresh reports have emerged that speculate as to what the OS will be called.

The next version of Android is said to roll out sometime in August, and it appears Android 8.0 won’t go by the name Android Oreo, regardless of the name’s popularity. Instead, multiple sources speculate that the successor to Android Nougat might be called Android Oatmeal Cookie – and not Oreo.

The news was first cited by technology-based blog Myce, who after some intense research found a few traces in the massive library of Android code. The letters ‘oc-dev’ appeared several times within the code which led to speculations that the new OS will be called Android Oatmeal Cookie. That said, OC stands for other things as well. For instance, it can mean Oreo Cookie or Oat Crisps.

For now, it’s anyone’s guess at the moment. But going by the latest reports, the upcoming version of Android could most likely be called Android Oatmeal Cookie or Android Oreo Cookie. But so far, Android 8.0 is being referred to as Android Oreo.

In terms of new features and improvements, Android O will get new additions such as a notifications channel, picture-in-picture video, support for multiple displays, along with adaptive icons. The upcoming version of Android is also said to deliver better performance, improved notifications, enhanced battery management, as well faster boot-up times.

Elsewhere, Android O is also said to offer an enhanced virtual reality experience for Google Daydream users. Google is reportedly working hard to optimize the new OS for VR as the company plans to roll out a major update for its DayDream headsets.

All in all, Android O or Android 8.0 is primarily about offering users an optimized and seamless everyday experience, as opposed to the inclusion of headline-grabbing features.

To recall, the first preview build of Android 8.0 was released in March 2017. Google has also confirmed that the fourth preview build for Android O is all set for a release in July. Interested users can check out the beta version of Android 8.0 that was released last month. Apple recently announced the latest iOS 11 at its WWDC 2017 event earlier this month, while Google is expected to start rolling out Android O sometime in August.

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