Android Auto 11.0 Gets a Samsung Makeover: Squircle Icons and One UI Aesthetics Now in the Driver’s Seat

2 one ui 3 aesthetic

Android Auto, the in-vehicle infotainment system that seamlessly integrates your phone with your car, has received a visual refresh for Samsung Galaxy users with the release of Android Auto 11.0. This update brings subtle yet noticeable alterations that harmonize the Android Auto interface with Samsung’s signature One UI aesthetics.

Key Highlights:

  • Android Auto 11.0 introduces icon and UI changes to match Samsung Galaxy devices.
  • App drawer and task switcher icons adopt Samsung’s “squircle” shape and One UI style.
  • Status bar icons, including cellular, Wi-Fi, and battery, also mirror Samsung’s design language.
  • Update currently limited to Samsung Galaxy devices, offering a more cohesive in-car experience.

2 one ui 3 aesthetic

Gone are the standard circular app icons in the app drawer and task switcher. In their place, Samsung Galaxy users will be greeted by the familiar “squircle” shapes synonymous with One UI, providing a more consistent visual experience across their phone and their car’s display. But the makeover goes beyond mere shapes.

The Android Auto 11.0 update for Samsung devices also swaps out the default app icons for Samsung’s own versions. Familiar icons for the phone app, settings, and other Samsung-specific apps replace the generic Android icons, further blurring the line between phone and car interface.

Perhaps the most striking change, however, comes in the status bar. The cellular signal, Wi-Fi strength, and battery level indicators now mirror their counterparts on Samsung Galaxy devices. This creates a more natural and unified experience, eliminating the visual dissonance that previously existed between phone and car.

It’s important to note that these icon and UI adjustments are currently exclusive to Samsung Galaxy devices running Android Auto 11.0. Users with other Android phone brands will still see the standard Android Auto interface for now. However, this update marks a significant step towards a more personalized and device-specific Android Auto experience.

The Samsung Advantage: Coherence and Familiarity

For Samsung Galaxy users, the Android Auto 11.0 update offers a much-welcomed level of coherence and familiarity within their in-car environment. The squircle shapes, One UI icons, and matching status bar indicators all contribute to a more seamless transition from phone to car, minimizing distractions and cognitive load while driving.

Beyond Aesthetics: A Glimpse into the Future of Android Auto?

While the current changes are primarily aesthetic, they hint at a potential future where Android Auto becomes more customizable and adaptable to individual phone brands. This could pave the way for a more personalized and intuitive in-car experience, tailored to the specific needs and preferences of each user.

Android Auto 11.0’s update for Samsung Galaxy devices is a subtle but significant step towards a more integrated and personalized in-car experience. The new squircle icons, One UI aesthetics, and matching status bar indicators offer a touch of visual flair while also enhancing coherence and familiarity. While currently limited to Samsung devices, this update could point towards a future of greater customization and brand-specific adaptations within Android Auto, ultimately enriching the in-car experience for all users.

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