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An Introduction to Wondershare MirrorGo: A Beginner’s Guide to Mirroring iPhone to PC

Are you tired of a small phone screen? If the answer is yes, you will love the iPhone screen mirror function. This function allows you to transfer your phone’s display to your computer’s screen or television. The mirroring function also transfers your device’s functionality to the PC, and you can use your mouse to navigate your phone’s menu. It is like remotely controlling your iPhone using your computer.

Mirroring your iPhone to a Mac device is a simple process, where you can use QuickTime or Airplay. What if you have Windows pc? If you use a Windows-run device, there is also an option for you, Wondershare MirrorGo.

It is a superb program that allows you to have a prominent display and allows for easy navigation. Before having an in-depth look at this software, let us look at why you may want to mirror iPhone to pc.

Reasons to Mirror iPhone to PC

The main reason to go for this iPhone function is to have a bigger display. There are several reasons to go for a larger screen, one of them is when presenting something to a large group of people, picture an educational situation or in a company meeting. If you have your material on your phone, it would be too much work to pass it to everyone in the rooms. To deal with the situation, you can mirror to pc for wider access.

You can also use this feature for gaming, as it is fulfilling when you play your games and have a decent display. In this form, apart from enjoying the bigger display, it also allows for multiplayer gaming.

Mirroring also helps in navigation, especially if you want to access and play your media files. Connection to an audio system will be effortless, especially if the pc is already connected. Another reason to mirror the iPhone to pc is if you have a damaged screen. With a damaged screen, using the phone might be quite difficult as you cannot properly make out some menu items. At times, the damage interferes with the screen sensitivity.

Wondershare MirrorGo

Wondershare MirrorGo is one of the many utilities under the Wondershare banner. It is the best companion to have if you want the iPhone screen mirror functionality. The program has plenty of resources that will make its use a satisfying experience.

Wondershare MirrorGo’s Attributes

Ease of Use

A thing that you will notice with Wondershare MirrorGo is how easy it is to use. When you download the program, you will realize that mirroring is a straightforward process, and you do not need technical backing to initiate it. There is a guide that will show you how to mirror and achieve other mobile tasks like navigation on its online platform.


You will also appreciate this program’s usability, where it replicates your phone on the pc. There won’t be much change when you mirror your iPhone to pc, only the prominent display. You can scroll through your menu the same way as you would do with your phone, the only difference being that you will use a mouse or a similar pointing device instead of your fingers.

You can record and take screenshots and save them on your pc. You can easily access your files, phonebook, images, and many more, all on your computer. Another amazing is that you can manage your notifications the same way you would do if you had your phone in your hand.

If you are a gamer, Wondershare MirrorGo will spell bliss to you as you can play your favorite game with your friends without squinting on your small phone screen.


You cannot overlook how flexible this software is, as it has everything for everyone. You can decide to go for the free version or go for more resources by subscribing to the many premium packages. You can also use Wondershare MirrorGo with many Windows versions, both older and new versions. Some of the compatible versions include 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, and XP.

How to Use Wondershare MirrorGo to Mirror iPhone to PC

As this piece is a beginner’s guide, it is prudent to show you how to use it. Follow the highlighted steps to learn the ropes of this software.

Step 1: Download the software

For the first step, you have to download the software, which you achieve by visiting Wondershare MirrorGo’s website. You can pick the free version or go premium and buy into a subscription to benefit from various features. It is a lightweight program; thus, it will download fast and won’t take much of your storage space. After the download completes, install and launch it.

Step 2: Connecting Your Phone

With the app launched on your pc, ensure that your iPhone connects to the same Wi-Fi connection as your computer. Go to your iPhone’s control center and click on ‘Screen Mirroring,’ which will lead you to the MirrorGo option; select this option. If you do not see MirrorGo, try refreshing your Wi-Fi connection or disconnect then connect. You can now enjoy a larger display.

If you want to use your mouse for navigation, you have to make the right tweaks to your settings. Ensure the PC’s and phone’s Bluetooth is on and go to settings, accessibility, then touch. On the touch menu, turn on ‘AssistiveTouch.’ You can now control your phone using the mouse.

Wondershare MirrorGo’s Perks

  • An easy to use tool.
  • The software is lightweight, translating to the PC’s internal storage economy.
  • There is a free trial version.
  • The premium version will give you perks like a connection to unlimited phones and reverse control.
  • Easy navigation, where you can also perform functions like taking screenshots and managing your notifications.
  • Works with various Windows versions, including the older ones.

As A Conclusion

iPhone mirroring is an elegant function that allows you to transfer your screen functions to your pc, and view your menu items and apps on the monitor. If you have a Windows pc, you can use Wondershare MirrorGo to help you with the function. It is an all-rounder tool that is easy to use. It is versatile and gives you maximum control of your phone. Download the program and enjoy a wider display.

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