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Amrita Personal Safety System (APSS) for Safety of Women

In wake of 16th December 2012 Gang-rape incident that resulted in the untimely death of 22-year old paramedic student, Kollam-based Center for Cyber Security Systems and Networks of Amrita University has come up with Amrita Personal Safety System (APSS).

The device will help protect women in danger situations as it will posses the ability to trigger a communication immediately with family or police by press of a button or sending of an SMS or voice call to multiple destinations. Besides triggering a communication, APSS will record conversations and provide automated information on nearest police station, hospitals, fire stations to the victim to get immediate help.

Krishnashree Achuthan, director of the Kollam-based Amrita University’s Centre for Cyber Security Systems and Networks who also happens to lead the team which developed the Amrita Personal Safety System (APSS) said,

“APSS is an inconspicuous, wearable and easy-to-operate electronic device that will help girls and women to trigger communication with family and police when in distress. The device will remain invisible to the offender and yet can easily be triggered by its user with multiple options to ensure stealthy and secure communication”.

A distinct feature of Amrita Personal Safety System (APSS) is that combines many location-aware technologies that can function both indoors and outdoors and even in rural areas where the speed of communication is minimal. A prototype of APSS will be formally unveiled on the 60th birthday celebrations of Mata Amritanandamayi.