The imminent arrival of iOS 10, is likely set to change iMessage for the good. It is going to start incorporating third-party apps and some interactive features like animations, handwritings, bubbles etc. Although these features will be in use only if the user on the other end is also using an iOS device. To combat this, Amity messaging app is set to hit the market soon. It will have similar or even upgraded features, but it is said to function across platforms.

The app allows users to send heavy media such as photos, video, and GIFs. It also allows users to track old media shared with friends. For example, a section called “Memories” archives all the all the media including links and news articles, YouTube videos, and “postcards” (a feature involves using Foursquare) in a single location that can be revisited anytime.

Amity Messaging app Features

The interactive features include animated emoticons like ‘high five’ and ‘nudge’ gestures. Not only this, it also has an option to let you ask your friends to send you media (location also included as a security add-on). Another exciting feature called “Live Mode” that activates whenever two or more people join the conversation.

To make it more exciting, when an emoticon is dragged into the chat, dozens burst into life-like action.

Amity was co-founded by Johnny Cheng (CEO), Nick Pestov (CTO), Kieran Harper, and Jackson Cheng.

It will be fairly challenging to get people to adapt to a new messaging app in the current market situation where players like WhatsApp, iMessage, and Hike dominate, but Amity appears to be fun, and fun is what works with the youth.

Surviving and thriving in a competitively dynamic market like this will be a major task. Amity was set to launch before Facebook bought WhatsApp, but the deal made them realize that the competition became tougher. This delay in the launch appears to have been for the better. The interactive features are refreshing. However, this seems like a heavy app, and might have problems like consuming a lot of RAM and battery. If the company is able to deal with those issues, the app appears to be a ‘downloader’.

Mick Johnson, Facebook’s ex-Director of Mobile Products is their first investor, and the company is looking for more seed, at the moment. Regardless, the launch is greatly anticipated.