AMD’s Embedded+ Architecture: A Quintet of Compute Solutions on One Platform

AMD 5 TO 1

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) has taken a monumental step in computing innovation with the introduction of its Embedded+ architecture, a comprehensive solution that marries five distinct compute architectures onto a single integrated board. This groundbreaking development not only underscores AMD’s commitment to versatile and power-efficient computing solutions but also marks a significant advancement in the realm of embedded systems and edge computing.

Key Highlights:

  • AMD Embedded+ architecture integrates AMD Ryzen™ Embedded processors with Versal™ adaptive SoCs.
  • The platform supports a mix of x86, AI, FPGA, and Vega graphics architectures.
  • Designed for low-power, low-latency applications at the network edge.
  • Targets industrial robotics, retail, surveillance security, smart city infrastructure, networking, machine vision, and medical imaging applications.
  • Promises to deliver high performance with energy efficiency, accelerating time-to-market for ODM partners.

AMD 5 TO 1

The AMD Embedded+ architecture represents a significant leap forward in computing, bringing together a x64 Ryzen Embedded processor and a Versal AI Edge system-on-chip (SoC) on a single board through a PCIe connection. This unique combination of technologies facilitates low-power, low-latency data processing applications, particularly at the network edge where performance and efficiency are paramount​​​​.

Innovating at the Edge: AMD’s Embedded+ Architecture

AMD’s initiative with the Embedded+ architecture emphasizes its dedication to fostering innovation in embedded systems and edge computing. By integrating five distinct compute architectures onto a single board, AMD aims to offer scalable and power-efficient solutions that can significantly reduce qualification and build times for original design manufacturers (ODMs). This integration enables the use of a common software platform to develop designs that are not only low in power consumption and small in form factor but also boast long life cycles, catering to a wide range of applications from medical and industrial to automotive​​.

Embedded+ Architecture: Empowering Diverse Applications

The Embedded+ platform is engineered to thrive in environments that demand reliability, cost-efficiency, and specific workload validation over cutting-edge power. By utilizing older, proven architectures, AMD ensures that its solutions are suited for tough conditions, such as those found in public displays, field instrumentation and machinery, and automotive systems. This strategic choice underscores AMD’s focus on delivering high-value, practical solutions that meet the specific needs of its customers​​.


AMD’s Embedded+ architecture ushers in a new era of embedded and edge computing by seamlessly integrating five compute architectures onto a single board. This innovation not only highlights AMD’s versatility and efficiency in computing solutions but also sets a new standard for the industry. Designed to support a wide array of applications, from industrial robotics to smart city infrastructure, AMD’s Embedded+ architecture promises to revolutionize the way we approach embedded systems and edge computing by offering a blend of high performance, energy efficiency, and rapid time-to-market for ODM partners.


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