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Amazon Rolls Out Passkey Support: Setting Up Your Passwordless Access

Amazon Passkey

Amazon has officially launched support for passkeys, marking its stride towards fostering a password-less digital environment. This new feature was unveiled on October 23, 2023, making it easier and safer for customers to access their Amazon accounts on desktop sites and mobile apps by employing passkeys instead of traditional passwords​.

Key Highlights:

  • Passkey support is available on desktop and is being rolled out on iOS via the Amazon Shopping app, with Android support to follow.
  • Setting up a passkey involves navigating to Login & Security settings on Amazon and following a simple setup process.
  • Passkeys, used for signing in, leverage biometric or PIN data akin to device unlock methods, enhancing security and user convenience.

Amazon Passkey

Introduction to Passkeys

Passkeys are designed as a secure and user-friendly alternative to passwords. Unlike passwords, passkeys can’t be easily shared or guessed, thus minimizing the risk associated with password mishaps. Users can employ passkeys to sign into apps and websites in a manner similar to unlocking their devices—using a fingerprint, face scan, or lock screen PIN. Amazon’s implementation of passkeys aims at reducing the susceptibility to phishing attacks that are common with passwords and one-time codes sent via text messages​.

Setting Up Your Passkey

To set up a passkey on Amazon, customers need to:

  1. Log into their Amazon account.
  2. Navigate to ‘Your Account’, then ‘Login & Security’.
  3. Select ‘Set up’ next to Passkeys.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup​.

On desktop platforms, users will be prompted to use Windows Hello, an external security key, or a mobile device for passkey generation. On mobile, specifically iOS devices, users can set up passkeys through the Amazon Shopping app​.

Mobile Support

Initially, passkey support is available for iOS users through the Amazon Shopping app, while Android support is slated to be introduced in the near future​.

Potential Hitches

Although Amazon’s passkey support heralds a step towards enhanced security and user convenience, some potential issues have been identified. As noted by Vincent Delitz, co-founder of German tech startup Corbado, there might be some hitches in Amazon’s implementation of passkeys​.

Amazon’s new passkey support aims at promoting a more secure and user-friendly method for account access. This feature, now available on desktop and iOS with forthcoming support for Android, not only simplifies the login process but also minimizes the risks associated with traditional password-based authentication.