Amazon launches new Echo Show 8 in India priced INR 12,999

Amazon Echo Show 8

Amazon has an all new Echo Show to offer buyers in India. The new Echo Show 8 comes with an 8-inch HD screen and is the newest member of the Echo family of smart home speakers.

Other salient features of the new Echo Show 8 happens to be is integrated camera and shutter. The smart speaker is capable of delivering stereo sound output as well which perfectly complements the excellent display.

With Alexa personal assistant on-board, the device is well suited to accept voice commands as well. You can ask for the latest weather report or news briefs which the Echo Show 8 will be all too happy to comply. Better still, you can ask for a movie or TV show and view them on the display.

Also, what better way to put the speaker to good use than to listen to music. Or you can simply sing along while the Echo Show 8 will be displaying the lyrics. It can be the best companion for your toddler too as the Echo Show 8 can be made to sing nursery rhymes too, or make hand-free calls when say you are feeling lazy.

For those already feeling tempted, the new Echo Show 8 is available for pre-order on the Amazon India retail page. The smart speaker is priced INR 12,999 and will start shipping from 26 February 2020.


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