Home News Amazon India now offers refurbished smartphones with six months warranty

Amazon India now offers refurbished smartphones with six months warranty

Amazon India refurbished phones

Amazon India has started to sell Refurbished and used smartphones with six months warranty in India. Even though Refurbished mobiles are popular in countries like the US, it is not much popular in India. This is because customers generally buy new sealed handsets. However, tech enthusiasts often prefer to buy used or refurbished smartphones. This is because they can save a substantial amount of money.

To make it clear, Refurbished mobile phones are tried and tested by the reseller. Moreover, it also comes with manufacturer warranty. The only point to note is that the product you purchase will be opened and used by another customer.

Amazon India had once generous return policy

Previously, Amazon India offered a generous return policy and customers used to return smartphones, tablets, and laptops if they find it not suitable for their requirements. Amazon used to ship the returned products to the respective manufacturer and they will examine the item and repack. It will be stocked inside Amazon warehouse as refurbished and used.

Amazon big player in Refurbished

If you are unaware, Amazon is one of the big players in this Refurbished category. If you visit Amazon US, you will find several products under this category. In India, people are afraid to buy used smartphones due to various factors like security issues. However, used products are certified by the manufacturer. Hence, there is no need to worry.

The refurbished products undergo professional testing and restoration. The phones will ship in sealed brand packaging with all set of accessories as well.

As of writing this, used smartphones will ship in three conditions – Like New and acceptable.

Like new – The smartphone device is in extremely great condition without any major wear or tear.

Acceptable condition – This signals that the phone will be slightly damaged but usable

Amazon India provides six months warranty

Amazon is providing six months manufacturer warranty for all the refurbished smartphones. Hence, if you want to buy a costly smartphone like OnePlus, iPhone head over to Amazon. You will find some better deals.

Recently, the NDA-led government declined to honor the request of Apple to sell refurbished smartphones in India. The government has rejected the proposal due to quality issues.

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