Amazon incites a petition against itself for selling animal specimens

All thanks to E-commerce giant Amazon (AMZN), now you can buy forbidden animal parts and have them delivered at your doorstep. Yes, the retailer is apparently selling animal specimens.

Offended by the sheer indifference of Amazon, Wildlife body on Friday, has urged the e-retailer to stop selling specimens of alligator heads, sea horses and other animals that are protected under the law of the country.

Not just preserving specimens, Amazon is also selling snares and offering manuals on hunting. The wildlife SOS has condemned the selling of such specimens and is disturbed over the selling of ‘animal specimens’ that fall within the ambit of protected animals in India.

On contacting Amazon, their spokesperson said that, “ supports wildlife preservation and has informed the seller about the situation so that apt actions can be taken”.

SOS has further started with an online petition asking Amazon to stop selling such items. Conservationists and wildlife agencies believe that accommodating sale of such items promotes hunting and killing of wildlife.

So far, animal lovers around the world are infuriated over the incident and have signed the petition. It has gathered over 7,000 signatures from people who are vowing to stop using the services of the e-commerce giant.

The petition also informs about the deadly traps that are being sold over the website which can cause a lot of harm to innocent animals. Snares are being openly sold by an established company in a country (India) where Wildlife Protection Act 1972 protects all the wild animals and prohibits hunting.

Informing about the dangers associated with traps and snares, Geeta Seshamani, Co-Founder of wildlife SOS said “that the body had recently spotted and saved an injured sloth bear cub. The cub was trapped in a snare (like the kind Amazon sells) and had severely injured its left leg. The injury resulted in the cub losing its left forelimb’.

Such saddening and hurtful incidents have solidified our hate for the snares that are being sold openly over Amazon. This is the major reason why we want to urge the company to stop selling such traps and manuals she said.


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