Home News Amazon changes policy: No refund for tablets, laptops, PCs and cameras

Amazon changes policy: No refund for tablets, laptops, PCs and cameras


Amazon India has changed its return policy for electronic items, according to the new policy the company is no longer eligible for refunds. However, the customer can still get the defective items replaced within the ten days of purchase.

The company officially releases a statement on its official website “ All tablets, laptop desktops, monitors, camera lenses and the camera that are fulfilled by Amazon and purchased on or after 11th May 2016 are not eligible for a free refund and will only be eligible for replacement. In case you received a damaged or defective product, you will be eligible for replacement.”

Although, the company did not clarify what will happen if the seller cannot provide replacements for electronic items sold by Amazon. Earlier this year, Amazon puts an end to its refund policy for mobile phones, which means the buyer wasn’t allowed to return a mobile phone bought by the e-commerce website.

The company’s competitor Flipkart also follows the similar policy and offers a refund only when the seller is not able to offer a replacement for the particular device.

The reason for putting an end to its refund policy because of how it has been abused by years. There have been cases where one buys a product from the e- commerce company Amazon India, use it for few days and return it by opting the reason ‘no longer need it.

The problem is not only faced by Amazon, but other companies like Flipkart and Snapdeal also faced issues with buyers abusing this return policy. A man from Telangana duping Flipkart for Rs. 20 lakhs.

To tackle this Snapdeal changes its policy, where Snapdeal will initiate a return or refund only after you have the document by the brand service centre that the product is defective and unusable.