Amazfit Pop 2: Smart India Ki Smartwatch with Bluetooth calling features

Amazfit, a leading worldwide smart wearables brand, has added the Amazfit Pop  2 to its smartwearables lineup. This latest edition of the series offers exceptional battery performance and large immersive display and bluetooth calling feature, as well as a number of enhanced sporting capabilities.

  • Amazfit Pop  2 is a “SmartIndiaKiSmartwatch”
  • Bluetooth capability that enables the BT calling feature 
  • The smartwatch comes with an exceptionally huge 1.78″ HD AMOLED display.
  • The watch comes with a battery life of 10 days
  • 24hrs health monitoring, 100 different sports modes with real-time tracking and analysis.

Pricing and Availability

The Amazfit Pop  2 will be launched in India on Nov 22nd, Pop2 will only be available on Flipkart with price 3299Rs. Will become available on Amazfit official website on 23rd, with price 3999Rs.

Ultra-long 10-day Battery Life

The battery in the Amazfit Pop 2 has a maximum capacity of 270 mAh and can sustain the gadget for up to 10 days on normal use. Customers may now enjoy the dynamic features of the smartwatch in greater comfort.

Manage Phone Calls using Bluetooth

The watch has a microphone and speaker so you can answer calls on your watch when it’s inconvenient to pick up your phone. To ensure that you never again miss critical calls, Bluetooth-connect the watch to your smartphone.

Advanced Health Support and Monitoring

The Amazfit Pop  2 advanced biosensor can monitor your SpO2 level whether you are engaged in intensive mental or physical activity, or even merely feeling uneasy during your day, begin a SpO2 test for a result in as little as 16 seconds. Monitors your heart rate throughout the day, giving you a better understanding of your physical state. Furthermore, the watch will alert you if your heart rate is too high.

Exquisite Fashion Design

The centre frame of the Amazfit Pop  2 is constructed of high-glossy metal. The button is constructed of high-glossy stainless steel, which gives it a unique appearance. The watch is gleaming and gorgeous. It has a contemporary borderless design with 2.5D curved glass and a big AMOLED screen to complement your most trendy clothes.

Bluetooth Voice Assistant

The watch allows you to activate your phone’s AI speech assistant, like as Siri or Google Assistant. You may also use the bluetooth connection between your watch and phone to receive answers, create memories, and manage tasks through your watch.

Multiple Sports Features 

To make training easier, the Amazfit Pop  2 offers more than 100 sports modes to choose from and can even automatically recognise 4 common activities, such as walking, running, and working out on elliptical and rowing machines. By linking the Amazfit Pop  2 to the Zepp Active app, users can access the watch face shop, change the watch’s settings, and sync all of your vital health and fitness data to the phone with ease.